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Art Links

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About Creativity  Been waiting for the muse to descend upon you? Here is wonderful essay on how to bring out your own creativity any time you want to! 

Art Business Forms    Ok, so it may not be pretty, but the nitty gritty of being in the art business requires business forms. Here is your source.

ArtLex   Art dictionary. Everything from abbozzo to zooming, this site not only defines it, but give articles, image examples, and links to more information. Awesome site!

Art Studio Chalkboard  Very nice lesson on perspective.

Basic Color Codes    Wondering what "steel gray" looks like?

Beginnings of Bridges  In this essay, Bob Stein makes a compelling argument for the mindset of sharing one's knowledge. This philosophy is what makes me tick, in case you wondered!

Big Photo Help    The best place for huge photos or poster printing! Quality is wonderful, packaging is ample, service is instant and friendly, and pricing cannot be beat.

Colorblind Web Page Filter This resource will show you any webpage through the eyes of a person with varying types of colorblindness.

Color Pencil Challenge    A resource for education and promotion of color pencil art including lessons from expert artists, a gallery of participating artists' works, links to advice and color pencil resources, and a forum for discussions.

Color Vision This neat site will show you what any text color looks like against any background. Essential tool for web designers and graphic artists!

Color Scheme Generator   Choose your starting color and what type of scheme you want, and presto!

Cool Text Generator Choose a style, set up your options, type your text... Presto! Much fun to be had here!

Creative Commons    Nice site for those who post their work online. It gives you whys and how-to's for offering your work for use with licensure stipulations of your choice.

Creativity, Composition -- An Introduction  Nicely done summary of the basics of art fundamentals such as use of space, colour, contrasts, and positioning of objects. 

Dan Turner's Freelance Workshops  Do you wonder what it takes to be a freelance graphic artist and make it? Dan Turner will help you see this in his engaging and entertaining workshops (free) on his site.

Digital Art Supplies  All the art paper and card stock supplies you might need!

Digital Photography Newsletter    Articles reviewing all the digital cameras, forum, tips, accessories, more!

Dorothy's Color Chart   A very handy color chart showing all of the colors, color names, RGB's and Hexcodes.

dpFWIW   Human Vision and Digital Imaging. A great article explaing how seeing and digital imaging work and relate to each other. Important reading!

e-scrappers Many fine resources for all digital artists and photographers. I particularly like his Links section and Textures. The site also includes a store which carries e-papers, scrapbooking layout kits, and much more.

Fantasy Art Research Project  Fine course on perspective including topics of one-, two-and three-point perspective with examples and basic how-to's. I actually understood the part about extending a fence!

Golden Ratio Resources An amazing and complete annotated listing of links for material related to the Golden Ratio, a fascinating link between art and mathematics. Includes a section on Art, one on Architecture and just LOTS more. Many ideas for designers, includes templates, clip art, articles about writing, producing and printing, and step-by-step design ideas. Includes a huge links section with lots more resources.

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips  How to get started in computer graphics. 

Laurie McCanna's 911 Graphics  So you think you want to be a Computer Graphics artist? Here is what the life is like. and how to get started

Luminous Landscape is a site dedicated to landscape and nature photography using digital techniques. Site includes tutorials, a forum, and many helpful tips.

Mathematics Materials for Teachers of Teachers  Yes i know this sounds like .. not what you want, but click on "Perspective Drawing" and you can play with some nifty Java applets that illustrate the principles of one- or two-point perspective. There is also a little powerpoint slide show on the topic.

The Mood of Color    How does a certain color affect your mood? Check this page!

Mundi Design Studios Principles of Graphic Design  While mainly a vehicle for promotion of their services, this site also shows some basic principles of graphic design, Flash interface design and Color for the Web.  Wondering what that font is? Scan it in and this site will tell you!

Nita Leland's Art Links  Hundreds of art resource sites, everything from where to display your art to where to buy your brushes.

No!Spec If you're thinking about becoming a professional artist, please read the resources at this site. In short, this tells you why you shouldn't work for free.

Painting Resources and Tutorials for Artists  Tutorial sites for watercolor painting, acrylics, and oils, tips on such topics as how to paint the human figure. Follow index to other art media.

Pixel This  Sally Welch teaches commercial art and she has a wealth of information about the fundamentals of design in an attractive and easily navigable site. Be sure to see her Gallery too!

Polykarbon Fine collection of tutorials to get you off and drawing. Superb work on figures here!   Need help with scanning? Look no further. Wayne Fulton offers the best in scanning advice.

Scribble   Resources for the Colored Pencil Artist This grrl has it going on! Besides the MANY links for Photoshop and GIMP sites, she has information on colors, color tables, colors & sexuality, and more!

Typadelic Fonts Some very fun fonts here, and a few are free!

Varian's Dreamview DreamColor  You have to see this to believe it! 

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