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What class should you take?

I've written up fairly detailed descriptions of each of my classes. You can see these descriptions at the links below. If you have any questions about these, please feel free to email me! Just click that blue envelope above.

If you're just starting out, you'll want to start with my Launchpad series, so that you start out with good work habits which will serve you well into the future!

Launchpad Series

Launchpad A

This is a beginner class. But while we start out with installing the program, we get into fun and useful skills, even in the first lesson!

Launchpad B

Launchpad B is the second class in my Launchpad series. This class will take you deeper into the wonderful world of Photoshop.

Launchpad C

Launchpad C is the 3rd class in my introductory series. This class will launch you officially into the title of Intermediate Photoshop User.

Intermediate Photoshop Classes

If you've been through an introductory course already, or if you have had several months of time to work with and experiment with the program, you will probably be ready for one of these:

Have a look at the course descriptions at these links and you can get a little feeling for what each course is about.

More Advanced Classes

(I hesitate to call any class "Advanced." If you're "advanced," you're writing your own classes!)

Photoshop: Photorealistic Painting

After you've had Blank Canvas OR my Launchpad Series and Photos into Artwork, you are eligible to sign up for Photoshop: Photorealistic Painting. You cannot take these two concurrently. That would drive even the most assiduous student crazy, and I don't want my students to be assiduous... err.. I mean crazy!

The Testimonials that I've posted at these links may seem "too good to be true," but I assure you that these are representative of the hundreds that I've received.

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