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Janee's Photoshop classes

Janee's Online Photoshop Classes

Signing Up

Online Photoshop Classes -- About the Classes -- Differences -- Calendar -- Signing Up

How classes work -- Independent Study -- About your Instructors

How do you sign up?

Registration for the next session is going on now! If you're ready for a class, email me to get onto my Class Notify list and I'll let you know when to sign up.

If you're wanting to take a class independently, you will sign up in the same way. Be sure to tell me that's what you're doing.

We're very low-tech around here at this point. You'll sign up in 4 steps:

1. Choose a name and register with it on the (You don't have to register for the Community if you're taking your class independently.)

For a detailed tutorial on registering for the Board, see this link.

2. Pay for the class.

Use PayPal to send the fee for each class. If you're using PayPal, the fee for each class is $45 US. My account is:

M Y J A N E E then  .. at hotmail dot com

See Note about paying with PayPal

If you do not want to use PayPal, it is going to cost you a little extra. You're going to have to buy my lunch because of the hassle of my having to go to the bank. So if you want, you can send a Money Order:

  • in US funds
  • for $50
  • at least 2 weeks before the start of class
Janee Aronoff Graphic Creations
PO Box 3459
Bloomington IN 47402-3459

3. Give me some information

In your PayPal note, an email, or in a note with your Money Order, please tell me

  • Your real name (for your Certificate)
  • Your Login name for the Message Board (not necessary if you're taking your class independently)
  • What email address you want me to use (must be able to take 3MB attachments)
  • For what class(es) you're registering (if you're taking a class independently, please tell me that, too.)
  • Your Photoshop version
  • For what Session you're registering (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall) or if you're taking your class independently.

For email, use Student Registration in the Subject line.

4. Await my email.

I will send you an email back, verifying that I got your registration and all's cool.

lightbulbNote: If you do NOT get this email, you need to be sure that you don't have a block on my email, that I'm on your spam filter's "white list," and that your mailbox is not full. I cannot go to a site to clear my email address for your spam filter. You have to do this for me.

When will you get the lessons?

Assuming that I have your payment verified and cleared, for a regular session class, I'll send you the first lesson on the Wednesday of Week 1, for regular session classes. I'll send Lesson 2 on the first day of Week 2. ... and so on! See the Calendar for these dates.

If you're taking your class independently, you're doing this because there isn't a session going on now. That means that I am likely traveling. As soon as I get to an internet connection, you'll get your confirmation, Lesson materials will follow soon after that, and you'll get these all at one time. Note that it could take me a week or 10 days to get to an internet connection.


Things happen. For a session class, if you have to leave the class during the first week, write to me by Monday. You will get a refund of the price of the class, less $10.There will be no refunds for any reason after the first Monday of the class session. There are no refunds for Independent Study classes.


Descriptions of the classes

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Note about using PayPal:

Clicking my button will get you to my account with my information filled in. When you're clicking a button to pay anyone, you want to be VERY sure that you're really going to PayPal before you put in your credit card number and such. (Here is a tutorial which shows you how to tell if a PayPal button is real!)

Of course I'm for real, and this is a real PayPal button, but just indulge me here.

  • Open a new browser and type in
  • Then choose the Send Money tab.
  • Fill in my address as it appears on the yellow sticky and then follow the directions from there.

Setting up a PayPal account is quite easy. PayPal can then give me money which comes from your credit card. I will never have your credit card number. It's all secure and nothing spammy or smarmy will happen to you.

lightbulbTip: Be secure with your money

PayPal Security Links

Lots of people get emails that LOOK like they are from PayPal or other financial institutions, but they are not; these are from scammers and thieves. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from these criminals and these are listed here:

Security tips for online banking

Spotting Fake "PayPal" emails

More info on phishing scams

Is that PayPal button real?

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