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Janee's Gallery
Logo Samples

7S 7S

ATM Network

a logo i made for Freeworld Enterprises, an exporting company
Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam (an NPO)
Don't take this for granite! Arizona Web Designs Sample Logo
a monogram i made for a special baby girl Niagara Falls SIRA guy
Innovative Medical Care.. the logo that i started with
logo before
the logo dressed up for the web
logo dressed up for the web
Logo Contract

A logo that works well for you and your business might not come cheaply. While good ideas are sometimes free, often they are quite the opposite. Some artists get over $1000 for conceiving and executing a logo. (See my fees.)

 But before you go into sticker shock, think about what your logo IS. Your logo is a very important part of your business. It is often the first thing that people see with respect to your company; it is your headline in your advertisements; it is the masthead for your website. A good memorable logo will go far toward getting your small business off on sound footing. 

So when it comes time to putting together your company's logo, my advice is this: don't skimp. Although it is tempting to just sketch out something yourself or to use some hurriedly conceived idea for a logo, when you think about the importance of your logo, this approach does not make sense. Instead, look at the portfolios of several companies; listen to what they tell you. Is the artist envisioning your business the same way you are? Choose your logo artist carefully. Message Board

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