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Elements 2: Most Wanted published by Friends of ED, UK 12/02
Elements 2: Most Wanted
.I played a big part in writing this this book. First, I worked along with the editors to write the spec (outline) for the book. Then I contributed five of the twelve chapters: Photo Restoration, Using Text, Creating Art from Photos, Starting with a Blank Canvas, and Web Graphics. To order or get more info from

It should be available in your local stores soon, too, so you can check it out there if you want!

ISBN: 1904344224

This book is available for pre-order!

$39.99 USD
Amazon $27.99

Book Description

All the most common and popular uses of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 have been brought together in one volume. Each section provides a useful guide to techniques, a summary of the tools used, and several step-by-step projects to clearly demonstrate each effect.There's also a wealth of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this latest version of Elements.

We've searched forums, looked in magazines, spoken to users and asked the experts at Adobe, to find out exactly what are the Most Wanted ways to use this versatile application. Everyone from enthusiastic amateurs, hobbyist photographers, and business users will find invaluable advice about using this amazing image manipulation tool. Whether you are new to digital imaging or have been experimenting for several years, you'll find information that you can immediately start putting into practice.

Topics covered include: restoring and retouching photos, manipulating and merging images, creating your own artwork, sharing your pictures with others and even creating your own web pages.

On the CD that accompanies the book are all the source files to recreate the examples shown in the book, and a fully functional tryout of the latest version of the software.

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: Getting Started and doing some Quick Fixes
Chapter 2: Saving and Printing
Chapter 3: Photo Tetouching
Chapter 4: Photo Restoration
Chapter 5; Combining Photos
Chapter 6: Faking Photos
Chapter 7: Using Text
Chapter 8: Creating Art from Photos
Chapter 9: Creating Artwork with Selections and Shapes
Chapter 10: Making Memories
Chapter 11: Buttons, Banners and Interfaces
Chapter 12: Images for Rollovers, Webpage backgrounds and Animated GIFs
Hardware Configuration / Recommendations, Graphire tablet
Monitor Calibration
Layer Styles
The Next Step: Full-Version PS?

From me, Janee

As a Photoshop artist and teacher, at first I was a little skeptical when i was asked to help with this book. For just a moment, i thought that this might be something of a step down for me. WOW, was i ever wrong!

First of all, my main forte is as a teacher. Teaching people to use Elements is every bit as challenging as is teaching them to use Photoshop full-version. In fact, in many ways, this was MORE challenging. Since Photoshop is commonly assumed to be the "professional designers' image editor," sometimes we tend to assume a little more experience from its students.

Elements is for us "normal people," so I had to take care to use examples which were meaningful, relevant, and fun, while, at the same time, trying to keep within my page limits! Yes, this was challenging! Yes, this was FUN. And yes.. this has been an immensely rewarding project.

I hope that my readers who use Photoshop full-version won't shrug off this book. I have given you some excellent stuff here. I learned a ton of new things just for this book -- some effects and tricks that i'd never seen before. So have a look at this at your local bookseller's. Though the screenshots are a little different for Elements than with Photoshop, nearly everything can be done just as well with the $600 program (Photoshop) as with the $100 one (Elements)! I hope you love this book as much as i do!

Always me,


Neon Sunflower!

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