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 I operate a small graphics arts business specializing in small business graphics for web and publications. I do simple logo conception and creation, copy-writing, photo editing, and custom artwork. 

I have experience working with FrontPage and Adobe GoLive for website creation and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics work. I will work hard to see that your website or your graphics speak well for you and for your company, because I know that they speak for me too!

Janee at work How do I find out what you want?

I do not do work with "templates" to produce cookie-cutter graphics to represent you. You have your own unique business with your own unique perspective and way of doing things. Your graphics should reflect that. 


Logo Contract

I will show you my portfolio of the work that I have done in the past and other work that is on the web and in magazines, etc. I encourage you to clip out or bookmark ideas that appeal to you, even if it is just a color or a shape that you like. 

Remember how Popeye used to blow up Bluto and a pile of logs and they would fall back down as a log cabin with Bluto safely inside? Well that is what I do with your ideas. I mull them over, meld and combine, till I come up with a finished product that encompasses your ideas.

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Examples of my work

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