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Photoshop 7: Professional Photographic Techniques published by Friends of ED, UK
PS 7: Professional Photography Techniques Along with Nyree Costello, Gavin Cromhout, and Vikas Shah, I authored this book. I did chapters 3, 4, and 5. I am also proud to have four of my photos on the cover: my lighthouse photo for the main cover image, and smaller pics of my great grandmother, the Tulip Trestle, and the fencerow. To order or get more info from

It should be available in your local stores, too, so you can check it out there if you want!

ISBN: 190345090X

This book is on the shelves!

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Amazon $34.99

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Book Description

Written by pros, including the latest features from Photoshop 7, the authors of Professional Photographic Techniques will reveal not only how to recreate darkroom techniques without turning out the lights, but also how to create images well beyond traditional barriers. Of course, you don’t need to be a pro to benefit from the knowledge in these pages; this is the perfect handbook for anyone who cares about photos.

Fully illustrated in color throughout, the text is organized into a series of examples that provides a comprehensive guide to image manipulation on Photoshop 7 -- everything from the glamour of magazine retouching, through restoration work to the nitty-gritty of color reproduction. Because the authors remember the days before Photoshop existed, they can show you how to achieve chemical-free equivalents for all the old tricks as well as plenty of new ones.

All these methods are revealed with before and after examples that you can actually follow and apply to your own work. These include coloring, restoring and aging images, removing unwanted parts of the image, depth of field changes, useful techniques for creating works of art and how best to display your work for the rest of the world to see.

The emphasis is on techniques that will help you produce work that stands head and shoulders above the crowd, with clear step-by-step instructions. All this, of course, combined with publisher Friends of ED’s commitment to providing fast, friendly and free technical support, via our website.

From the Publisher, Friends of ED

Our aim with this book is to show you how to replicate techniques and effects that professionals use rather than advanced Photoshop skills. By the end of it, you should be confident enough to use them in your own images; blending these techniques with your own creativity and inspiration. As one of the authors, Janee, recently said: "While people do like my work and I'm always striving to improve it, I think that my goal has always been to show my reader what s/he can do, rather than to show what 'I' can do."

From me, Janee

My first book is doing very well and people are liking it! The book is Photoshop 7: Professional Photographic Techniques and here are the details from Amazon.

I did three chapters for the book, Chapters 3, 4, and 5. I also played a part in editing several others. In addition, four of my photos are on the cover, including the main lighthouse one! I know you will forgive this unprofessional show of exhuberance, but this book is one that i really feel is NEEDED. Therefore, i'm very proud to be a part of its production!

My chapters are on adding to and subtracting from photos, restorations and repair, and aging and coloring photos. There are some really cool examples here, and some ideas that you will not find elsewhere because.. they were MY ideas! :Þ In my examples, you will work with (through the files which will be available on the Friends of ED site) some exciting pictures.

You will see how I put myself (yes, that's me!) in a mushroom patch. You will remove tourists from around that lighthouse and clear up the sky. We will take some photos of people and work "magic" on them, repairing one that was torn in half, intensifying contrast, fixing washouts, and more. You will "meet" my great grandmother and restore her wedding photo from 1884.

Tulip Trestle before Tulip Trestle aged

And we will go the other way, too. We will take a new photo of the Tulip Trestle and make it look like it had been taken back in 1906, the year that the trestle was built! I'll show you a glimpse into how my creative mind works (be afraid!) as i make a piece of art in grunge style. We do tricks with gradients, goof around with duotones, and make an old photo sepia. In the other chapters of the book, you will learn about colors and how they work, looking into color theory in a way that even *I* can understand! There are some really neat special effects and artsy effects which are applied to photos. Retouching and correcting photos is demonstrated with some nice photos. You will learn how to do "colorizing" of photos, in part or in total.

During the past 2 months, when i have not been allowed to talk about this book, it seems as if i have gotten 200 letters from people wanting my recommendations for a book on how to do things with photos -- stuff that is very well-covered in this new book!! I've been, of course, going nuts to tell you about my book!

I do hope that you will have a look at this. I know that many people have put a lot of good work into this book and, no matter what you want to do with photos, no matter how far along with Photoshop you are, there is something here for you.

Always me, Janee

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