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Photoshop 7: Trade Secrets published by Friends of ED, UK
I contributed as an author to chapters 4 & 5 of PS 7: Trade Secrets. Other authors were Dave Cross, Gavin Cromhout, and Colin Smith. To order or get more info from

It should be available in your local stores, too, so you can check it out there if you want!

ISBN: 1903450918

This book is on the shelves!

$39.99 USD
Amazon $27.99

Book Description

How do you get the best out of Photoshop?

It’s a combination of knowing what you want to do and knowing how to do it properly: a mixture of creativity and acumen. As you learn more, you make fewer mistakes and your workflow becomes faster, leaving you with more time to explore creative possibilities.

This book is dedicated to showing you the tricks of the trade and sharing the insiders' knowledge which can help you to speed up your work. All the while, we hope you improve your understanding of Photoshop as a tool.

The book is divided into eight chapters. In the first three, we look at ways of improving your efficiency, good selection techniques, and how to use layers effectively. In the next three chapters we look at practical applications of Photoshop for retouching and correction, Web graphics and special effects. The final two chapters look at the practicalities of Photoshop’s configuration and hardware.

Throughout the book, we cover the new features of Photoshop 7, so if you’re not yet up to speed with the latest version, we’ll show you the way. You've mastered the basics and are ready to move on to the next level. This book, jam-packed with hints, tips, and advice from four Photoshop experts, is what you need to take you there.

From the Publisher, Friends of ED

To get the most information out of each of the authors that we possibly could, we used a collaborative method of writing. Each of the four authors chose two subject areas on which to be the main writer.

Once the authors had finished writing their sections, their work was passed to the other three authors so that they could add their own tips and tricks. Our outside reviewers, all Photoshop users, then added their own tips.

Finally, our editorial department ordered and polished the tips. By compiling the book in this way, we hoped to maximize the amount of insightful and essential information, and to give you, our reader, the greatest benefit.

From me, Janee

Photoshop 7: Trade Secrets is a neat compendium of tips and tricks. I usually learn quite a bit as i write, and with this book, I learned plenty. I did parts of several chapters for the book, but was the intial author for chapters 4 and 5.

Chapter 4 is on Retouching and Corrections. In this chapter, we explore tips for correcting color, doing a "digital facelift," bringing life into eyes, fixing reflections in a dog's eyes, and some advanced sharpening techniques.

Chapter 5 is Special Effects and we have put together some cool things here. In addition to the zoom trail from the cover, we make wood, fire, a text path, and hot silver.

Because of the way the book was compiled, I can't take credit for all of the material that is in "my" chapters, however. Those who know me, for example, will be relieved to know that the photo of the gent smoking was not from me. :)

The other authors contributed very useful material too. The sections on Efficiency, Web Graphics, and Setting Up were particularly useful to me! I hope that you will have a look at this book. If you have been around the block with PS and are looking for more, this may satisfy your hunger!

Always me, Janee

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