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Lesson 3

This week's assignment was on composition. I thought it was better to go on and post something, rather than to wait for "that perfect shot."

Shot at the White River Gardens, Indianapolis, Indiana, 19 Sep 04

Nikon D70

Auto mode, f-9, 1/320 sec, pattern metering

Actually.. i'd intended for the focal point of this image to be the little yellow water lilies, and if they were brighter, it might have worked better. I do like the lines and the division of the image.

Indianapolis Zoo, 19 Sep 04

Nikon D70

Auto Mode, f-9, 1/320 sec, pattern metering

The focal point here is the giraffe's face. I like how i got good focus there and somewhat softer focus for the bg. Of course, the lines of the neck leading to the head.. that's always convenient. ;)

This was a natural for a vertical orientation.

Shot at White River Gardens, Indianapolis, 19 Sep 04

Nikon D70

Auto Mode, f-10, 1/400 sec, Pattern metering

Here, the lines are mostly horizontal, and the divisions are by color. I like the foreground grasses and the city building in the background.

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