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Picking up our new RV

The first 4 pics are ones that I shot during our "walk-through." That's Brian Goens showing Michael something. The Tom Raper service guys are the BEST!

Michael and Maddy at the end of a busy day. That's the pad that I made for Maddy to lie on, Michael!

Row 2, we were parked in the shop's campground where we stayed for 2 weeks. We got to know all the other people there.

Here's me white-knuckling down the highway! It IS big to drive, but I'm getting used to it.

newrv04 newrv01 newrv02 newrv03 newrv05
newrv06 newrv07 newrv08 newrv09 newrv10
newrv11 newrv12 newrv13 newrv14 newrv15

There's a guy on the roof! He was doing something to the antenna I think.

At the little table are Michael and Tim Smith, our fine salesman! This last pic is me getting ready to drive. See the fear in my eyes? Hey.. I think that you'd be a little nervous too!