Live Light Links  

Walking's walking page's interview with Viisha Sedlak

Ann's Racewalking Page -- LOTS of racewalking links, including racewalking groups in the Indiana area

Avon's Walking and Running website

Calendar Home   Figure out easily how long your streak has been. Or just how many days till.. whatever!

Health Walk and Race Walk Training Class

HealthWalkers  Sign up and log your miles. Friendly competitions and communication among members can help your motivation.

Health & Fitness Page  Lisa Balbach offers good common-sense advice on many fitness topics. Includes a good chart detailing how many calories are burned for different activities.

Natural Born Hikers  Awesome site featuring travel experiences and hikes from around the USA and the world!

New Runner  The name deceives! Actually, this section of the site deals with walking hows and whys.

Racewalking 101

Tina Juan's Fitness  Tips from losers, many many links!

Eating   Support for dieters, a neat little form that you can use to plan your eating, lots more! Fun site!

Exercise Calorie Expenditures   Just what it says. Huge chart, very detailed.  Tables for ideal weight based upon age, height, more. Also BMI calculator, body surface area, breast ca risk, and more.  Many great resources for women, including support for diet and weight loss.

Health On the Net Foundation  Principles for health-related websites. We qualified for membership. :)

M's Story  M is a brave lady who lost 115 pounds and has kept it off. She did this with common-sense changes to her diet and routine. Let her story inspire YOU to find the person under the pounds.  Find nutrition data for all of your favorite fast foods.... or any other foods. Nice site, well laid-out and easy to understand.

Sugar Busters  If your goal is to get sugar out of your life, you should check out this site!

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