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Honesty and Freedom

This program is really all about honesty, and it is my opinion that you can't be really free if you are not honest.

Up till now your lies have kept you from exercising. Now you are going to learn to recognize these lies that have been denying you fitness, and you are going to learn to eliminate them from your life!

If you are honest, you don't have to remember what you said!

Body Lies.

  • I am too short to walk fast.
  • Exercise gives me arthritis.
  • I get headaches when i exercise.
  • Exercise will build up my muscles and make me look masculine.

  • Muscle weighs more than fat and so exercise will make me gain weight.
  • Exercise saps my energy.
  • At the end of a long day, I need rest more than I need exercise.
Walking Lies.

Walking is not enough exercise. It is hard to get aerobic benefit from walking. Walking is hard on my knees/hips/whatever.

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