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In response to the overwhelming demand for myJanee.competition Trophy products, I've opened this giftshop through CaféShops! (Well, ok, actually one person asked me for a Trophy shirt several months ago. ) Here are some of the items currently offered. Click the image to go to the actual store!

I'm really happy with the quality and service which CaféShops offers, and I think that you will be too. All products are guaranteed through CaféShops:

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We know how difficult it can be to buy that special someone the perfect present (did you buy the right size? the right color?) That's why we stand behind all orders with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you need to return (or exchange) an item, simply contact our customer service department.

I will be adding new items and rotating artwork on the current items, from time to time. Is there anything else you would like me to offer in the myJanee.commerce giftshop? Is there another piece of my art that you would like to see on a mug or a shirt? Let me know in a myJanee.communication! ;)

Note: I am making a small profit on each sale from this store. This profit will be used toward paying my monthly hosting costs for the site, domain renewals, and other necessary expenses for the site. If i start getting rich from this, i'll use the extra to sponsor a party for the at the next NAPP Photoshop World.

Always me,

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