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Hannah's Baby-Naming

We were so happy to be a part of this beautiful ceremony, where our second grand-niece was introduced to the world by her naming, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, 29 November, 2002. Here are some of the pictures i took of this blessed event. Here are more pics of our Denver trip.

Bubbe Phyllis with Hannah Meg Great Aunt Becky with Hannah Michelle, Mitch, and Hannah
Michelle giving a taste of wine, whilst Mira and Mitch watch Rabbi, Joel, Michelle, Mira, Mitch, Hannah, and Ben
Mira sits (mostly) quietly
Nonni Angie, Michelle, Mitch, Hannah, and Papa George parents and Godparents, and little Hannah Rabbi Michelle, Michelle, Mitch, Hannah, and Great Grandma Anne
Grandpa, Michelle, Mitch, and Hannah Great Aunt Becky, Michelle, Mitch, and Hannah Michelle.. help me out with a name for this sweet little girl!
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