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Cats & Dogs

Here are some clickable thumbnail photos of our cats. At this point, we have three cats. Hansel and Gretel were feral cats and so are a bit camera shy. Hansel died in July, 2001, and Gretel died in February 2003. We adopted Eddie in August 2001. We named him Oedipus (Eddie-puss) because one of his first acts as our cat was to bite his Daddy. <g>

Dogs -- Maddy was born on July 12, 2001 and came home with us on 8/25. She is a full-blooded black Labrador PUPPY and she is full of puppiness!

Maddy helping Michael to build my desk Maddy resting with Michael

Our Poodles -- What follows is small tribute to a large part of our lives between 1984 and 2001, our miniature poodles, Alex, Nickey, and Penny.

In 1984, Alex came into our lives. He was a miniature poodle, and a small one at that, silver.
One year later we got Nickey, the darker gray mini poodle. At one year of age, Nickey was discovered to be very nearly blind, due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
Then in 1986 we acquired Penny, the little apricot poodle. We have traveled all over the USA and Canada and we have taken the dogs almost everywhere.
Here are some photos of us with our dogs in various places. I hope you enjoy looking at them. :)
We finally said goodbye to Alex in 1999 at 15 years of age, and then Nickey died in November of 2000. Penny turned 15 in June 2001 and then we had to say goodbye to her in July when we were in Halifax.
This end part is tough, watching them grow old and die, but it is the price that we pay for the wonderful wonderful years they gave us when they were young.

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