Short Trips of 2000
September 2000,  October 2000

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September 14-17 we took a long weekend in Tucson AZ where Michael had a drug company sponsored meeting. We stayed at the Sheraton El Conquistador Resort where we were wined and dined. 



 at the Sheraton El Conquistador, Tucson, AZ  The El Conquistador from the front.

  Ornamental peppers grew thickly along one hedge.  blue blue sky

After Michael's meeting on Saturday, we had a choice of activities and we chose to go to the Sonoran Desert Museum, a beautiful place which is a combination of a fabulous zoo, a botanical garden, and a natural history museum. While we were there i took these photos.

butterfly  flowers on a barrel cactus

  a coyote taking a nap during the hottest part of the day  a happy javelina eating a prickly pear fruit 

happy as a javelina in the mud on a 110 degree day tiny desert resident passion flower  yellow! flowers

On the way to Tucson, the weather was marvelous and i got some pretty good photos from the plane. Here is one.

For my birthday, Michael spirited me off to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Venetian Hotel, a study in extravagant opulence. I was experimenting with my camera settings and didn't have the computer along to check the results, so some of the photos were not great, but here you are. 

We arrived on Friday 10/27 and, after a fabulous dinner of spit-grilled chicken, enjoyed a lovely gondola ride and a serenade by our pilot, Paolo. <swoon> We shopped the Venetian's Canal shops till we deemed ourselves too pooped to party further. 


Michael took me on a gondola ride.  Mrrrrrowr! Our gondolier, Paolo sang me a love song for my birthday.

   Michael and the fountain in the entrance of the Venetian Hotel  at the Venetian

  one of the ceilings at the Venetian    

Our room was exquisite in every detail. Actually it was a suite. Here is a photo of Michael relaxing as i pointed the camera out toward the city's lights.  

Saturday we spent part of the morning working out our arrangements to fly to Orange County CA for a family funeral. We tried to maintain our cheer for the rest of that day, walking around and exploring the Venetian, strolling over to Harrah's for a wonderful buffet supper, and then going to bed early. It was chilly in Las Vegas, almost too cold to do any real sightseeing, even had we felt inclined. 

the lights of Vegas from our hotel room

our hotel

Our flight to Orange County went on Sunday and after our time with the family, Tuesday we flew back to Vegas for an all-too-short trip back to town. We feasted once more at Harrah's  and shopped a bit at Caesar's before heading back to the airport for a long evening of baggage handling, waiting in the airport, and reading magazines. Our flight, which had been scheduled to go at 4:50pm ended up leaving just after 7pm, bringing us back to Indy at 1:30am local time. After claiming our bags and sharing the drive home, we arrived home at 3am on Wednesday morning. <yawn>

The sun setting at the Las Vegas airport as we waited and waited and waited for our plane to leave

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