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Week 4

July 9 Il pleut et il pleut et il pleut. We stayed at the camp and I did laundry and Michael vacuumed and cleaned the bath. We are kinda bummed.  
July 10 The Basilica of Notre Dame, Montreal, QCWell, it rained all night, storming violently part of the night with lightening very close about. The day looked dreary and dull but we bit the proverbial bullet, grabbed the umbrella, and headed out for the shuttle bus to take us into Montreal for the day. We had made contingency plans in case of nice weather/rain and we were convinced that whatever the weather we were going to have a good day of it. La Place in front of the Basilica of Notre DameAfter orienting ourselves a bit upon our arrival, we decided that the heavy-appearing clouds would hold off the rain while we walked the two blocks to the subway station so that we could visit the Basilica of Notre Dame.  The walk was easy, the subway was even easier, and we loved the basilica! We got in on a short tour led by a girl whose English was so cutely enhanced by her Frenchness that we decided that that, alone, made the trip worthwhile. The basilica was decorated over a period of 40 years and is just absolutely beautiful. Gold leaf and intricate carvings everywhere. 



The ride back to the camp was easy since someone else was doing the driving through the bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic. After resting our aching feet for a bit, Michael fixed us a delicious supper of pork chops and new white potatoes on the grill. AND, it is STILL not raining! :) Since it is Wednesday, we are enjoying ice cream as we listen to French radio. What do you MEAN, it isn't Wednesday? 

taken in the Sous Terrain, the underground network of boutiquesAfter we visited the Basilica, we took the train back to the Centre-ville and then went into the Sous Terrain, the Underground Mall that honeycombs underneath the city. There are 29 km of hallways lined with shops, big shops and small, crisscrossing between the Metrorails and the big department stores.  We had lunch at a little "Italian" place and took this photo of another restaurant that we were surprised to see. Then we shopped and shopped. Michael found the ultimate in wallets, new sweats from Root's and a telephone connector. I got a Quebec sweatshirt, a gray sleeveless shell, navy tight pants, and a chicken cream pitcher and sugar bowl set. Most of it was on pretty good "solde" and with the exchange rate what it was, we figure that we did all right. 

the Italian menu in French Michael eating lasagne Poulet Frit a la Kentucky


July 11 Woke up to sunshine here in St. Phillipe at the KOA and went up to the office to upload. Here is Michael talking with Debbie at the campground office. Before we left the campground, we got a couple more photos of us enjoying the bright sunshine.

Michael talking with Debbie at the camp office  Janee showing off her brand new Quebec sweatshirt 

We drove down 132 sud from Montreal and went through some tiny towns before we got to the USA border. We stopped in one, Beauharbois, to have lunch in their little parc and we had ice cream after. Beautiful day! I took some pictures of the town. We so enjoyed these quaint little towns. Click on the middle photo here for sure. Notice the sign in front of the house. Also, notice the BLUE of the sky! I stole that same blue and used it for my background for the middle collage of photos. :)

  jneicecream.jpg (89310 bytes) questreet.jpg (94578 bytes)

We headed on down the road from Beauharbois, driving down the little 2-lane till we got to the border at Fort Covington, NY. The border guard was friendly but not overly so. He asked us a LOT of questions about where we were from and what in the world we were doing in Fort Covington. Since most tourists go the big road they don't go through Fort Covington. We made it to Massena NY at about 2pm and found a great shopping mall where we found some great bargains on some clothes for me, all really good stuff at Janee making friends with gulls at the mall at MassenaB. Moss. I got a cardigan, matching shell, 2 more summer shirts, a long-sleeved black cotton shirt, a short fuschia knit dress, and a dynamite formal dress in burgundy, spaghetti straps, light velour stuff, and it looks like it was made for me. $88 including tax. Total.

Bought a bag of popcorn which I insisted on sharing with the gulls who loved me for this. Then we went to our camp for the night at Massena International Campground. Nice place, but not nice enough for the high rating that Trailer Life gave it, but we were able to get level on the site without trying. The guy in the office said that we could use "the only line we have to check email really fast". This is why they advertise "modem hookup". I'd call that false advertising. I'll ask Trailer Life what they think. 

 gull1.jpg (11011 bytes)

July 12 When we awoke today we knew we were up for a big day of driving. (We have to pay for the loafing that we have done.) Michael captured these rare photos of me helping to unhook the utilities at our camp in Massena NY. 

Janee unhooking the water Janee unhooking the water hose from the hookup

  "Blow" is NOT just a figure of speech!

 Today was sunny and pretty. A great day for driving and we did a lot of that, about 275 miles or so, we figure. Along the way we stopped for lunch at Central Square NY at a little pizza place called Quinto's NY Pizza where they served hot and delicious pizza by the slice. Their parking lot was just right to back into a nice big niche. After we left the St. Lawrence Valley, we passed over beautiful hills and valleys, lots of little lakes.

 We encountered a lot of road construction and more traffic today than we have in the days before this. Just east of Corning, we passed by a Soaring Museum, where they do glider flights. We saw many gliders floating silently over the hills above us against a backdrop of a perfect blue sky. 

Tonight we are staying just north of Corning NY in the "full hookup" area of an otherwiseMichael cooking BBQ chicken in Ferenbaugh, NY beautiful campground. This place has 250 acres of woods and this sparsely treed field with parched grass and parking spaces. Guess where they put the full hookups! Here is Michael cooking our supper tonight.  After supper, Penny and I walked over to the other prettier part of the campground and discovered how big and beautiful it is. Old and dense forest. The sun has passed below the hill to our west but has not gone past the real horizon so it is that beautiful part of the evening when we can see most clearly.


July 13  a tiny piece of the gallery at the Corning Museum of GlassToday we got up early and went into Corning to the Corning Museum of Glass. We had been there before and so we sort of knew what to expect... NOT. They had done so much to change the place and added on and it is just amazing the changes! We will need to return in order to see more of the total coolness that abounds there! We got there at 9 am and went directly to the Steuben Glassworks section display of lead glass paperweights at the Corning Museum of Glasswhere we were able to see some nice pieces on display and then we saw a glassblower make a pitcher, telling the whole time what he was doing. I wish that I'd gotten a photo of this demo; it was really neat. Then we went to the glass sculpture gallery where there were some fascinating pieces of glass on display. Some huge stuff! The shops were magnificent with some really extensive and beautiful displays. 

Paul Stillman, as Ben Franklin, demonstrates the playing of the glass armonicaThe Ben Franklin show was next. Paul Stillman who played Ben Franklin told us, in his humourous and interesting style, all about Ben's work with glass, the Leyden jar and the wet cell battery which he invented. Bifocal eyeglasses were another of his inventions and he showed us a pair that he had made from discarded spectacles, cutting the lenses and gluing the parts of different ones together. 

Then he told us about another of his inventions, the glass armonica, and he had one there to show us! Michael had seen a documentary about the glass armonica and so was quite interested in this. It is an instrument based on the same principle as running a wet finger around the rim of a glass to make a tone. Made of all lead glass bowls that are made to precision specifications, these were quite popular in the 1700's till people started to think that it was demonic. Janee plays the glass armonica  7/13/00This started when a guy stood up after an armonica concert and shouted "bravo!" then fell dead.

  Janee figuring out how to make music with the glass armonica  7/13/00They thought that the harmonics from the instrument had exploded his heart. Various other misfortunes befell people and were thought to be caused by the armonica and so they were eventually banned. After the show, we were talking to Mr. Stillman, quite an affable gent, and he let me play the armonica!

We had to leave Corning all too soon, since our time is becoming short and we have some highway to cover before we get home. We stopped in Bath, NY at a Pizza Hut for lunch. (Yes, I know that we had pizza for lunch yesterday, but can a person really have too much pizza?) It was some of the best pizza that we have ever found on a Pizza Hut buffet. Back on the road and on to Mercer PA where we are tonight. The weather all day today has been delightful! Beautiful blue skies lightly decorated with fluffy white clouds, 78 degrees F. Lots of construction on the highway and parts were just so rough that we thought that the motorhome would crumble to pieces. After lunch, I napped on the couch while Michael drove us as far as the gasoline stop in Jamestown NY. I took the dogs out there and while Penny was peeing in some roadside dust, a guy came out of the junkyard office right next door and shouted, "Ma'am, you can't walk your dogs here! I've got a pitbull who will jump over that fence and kill 'em!" No kidding. 

Perfect weather when we got to our camp to do a little Molson and toss a ball around. Here are a couple of photos as proof. <g> Now it is cooling down and almost dark, that time of day when the mosquitoes come out to let us know who is really in charge.

Janee catches the ball  Mercer PA 7/13/00 Michael relaxing with a Molson at our campsite in Mercer PA

July 14 Drove and drove today. We started out on interstate for just a bit on 80, then went south just after Akron Ohio on highway 585 then 3 then 36 and 4 to Springfield before we got onto the interstate again.  Tonight we are in Dayton Ohio at the Tall Timbers KOA where we spent our first night out, four weeks ago today.  <Sigh> Not ready for it to end.
July 15 We are home and busy doing the re-entry routine. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel not too far west of Dayton and loved it. We got home at just about 12 noon to a stack of mail at least 15 inches tall, a 12 inch stack of newspapers, and grass up to our knees. We are full of happy memories of our vacation and are <sigh> eager to get back into our routines.

bluesky.jpg (49866 bytes)  hoganlaund2.jpg (54913 bytes)  Mclean.jpg (54990 bytes)

Thank you for coming along with us on our trip! We have really enjoyed the emails and comments. We invite more and look forward to doing this again on our next journey!

                                                              Always me,    Janee  7/15/00



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