Road Food 

Travel often takes us to some interesting culinary experiences. Here is where you can read about ours! I'll include locations of restaurants and recipes where it might interest you. 

    S June 9

We had dinner at Olive Garden, Dayton, OH (intersection of I-70 and I-75). Michael got Chicken Vino Bianco and I got Chicken Parmesan and bowtie pasta. Mmmmm! Uncommonly good and we had an excellent waiter! As we customarily do, we saved half our food and had it boxed so that we can enjoy it tomorrow too! We also ordered dessert to go and we will have that tomorrow too. (Sunday) (We usually eat dessert only on Wed and Sunday.)


U June 10

Leftovers from last night! Mmmm! And tonight we got dessert! Mine was Black Tie chocolate cream cake.. Michael's was raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.

U June 24

We were so pooped after Field Day that we were quite happy with frozen dinners. I had chicken broccoli Alfredo and Michael had Chicken Divan. As he said, he "slaved for hours". <g>

M June 11

Tonight we had beef tenderloin that we had frozen leftover from our Memorial Day party. Our vegetable was Doritos. :P

M June 25 Sandwiches, cookies on the boat, ice cream at Cows.
T June 12
Michael cooked burgers on the grill tonight with onions and we had baked potatoes with 'em. No ice cream tonight since it is not Wednesday or Sunday, but we decided that chocolate chip cookies don't count as ice cream.

Michael cooking burgers on the grill

T June 26 Pizza Delight for supper tonight. We found that the sauce was really sweet, almost like a barbeque sauce. eww. It *was* a pretty pizza though, so i took this picture for you.


W June 13

For lunch today in Manhattan, Michael ate a hotdog from a street vendor. He didn't think that it would be a NY experience without doing that. 

Janee enjoying her spinach and tomato pizza at Ray Bari's as she is watched by David there in the background. <g>   Michael eating a garlic roll at Ray's Ray Bari .. real New York Pizza!


I got a slice of yummy pizza at Ray Bari's Pizza, a place run by real Italians and which makes REALLY good pizza. Mine had spinach and tomatoes.

Supper tonight was leftover hamburgers from last night along with potato chips. Chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream from Godiva finished the meal in a fine Wednesday style. 

W June 27 For dinner on the boat in Terrence Bay, we had yummy food which Rosalie had sent along for us. This included a lettuce salad with other vegetables, a cold rice dish that we all loved, sandwiches that we had not eaten at lunch, cheese and crackers, and apple tarts for dessert. This was really pretty food. I wish that i had taken a picture!
R June 14

Breakfast was cereal, lunch was Sbarro's outside the Empire State Building, and dinner was yummy pork chops that Michael cooked on the grill. With this we had baked potatoes and Mrs. Fields' cookies for a vegetable. ... Hey.. chocolate comes from a BEAN!

R June 28 Supper was a feast that Rosalie prepared for Ken and us, the weary sailors. <g> She had little Sterno burners on top of which we used tiny pans to cook our own pieces of beef or pork tenderloin. Potatoes with cheese that we melted in the pans and a lettuce salad rounded out the meal. 


F June 15

Grandma fixed us roast beef and ham sandwiches, some of her FABULOUS potato salad (the only one that i like), and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dessert. 

F June 29 For a late lunch in Peggy's Cove, we went to a place called the Sou'wester where they specialize in .. what else? Seafood!! I got this scallops & chips dish while Michael got a lobster roll. (He still declares that the one he got in Madison CT was his favorite of the 3 he has had. He also loves the hat that he got there. <g>)

For dessert, Michael got the gingerbread and ice cream and i got apple crisp with ice cream. Mmmm! Great lunch!

Scallops & Chips that Janee had.


S June 16

Grandma and Aunt Dots fixed yummy swordfish fillets with asparagus and Grandma's best-in-the-world potato salad. 

Supper on Saturday was Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale. The crowd of people waiting for food was daunting, but not to those of us who know that where the crowds are, there is good food! L&J served up amazingly tender scallops, delicious shrimp and scrumptious lobster in rolls along with onion rings and little red potatoes that they call "salt potatoes". 

S June 30
We stopped for an early lunch (time changed) at Mike's in Moncton, New Brunswick and really enjoyed our food. Michael got the bacon and eggs and i had crepes stuffed with apples and topped with raspberry coulis. 

For supper today we had pork tenderloin that Michael did on the grill.

Janee's apple crepes at Mike's Mike's at Moncton, NB Michael's late breakfast at Mike's

U June 17

Supper was at Bertucci's in Bellingham. Details in the Trip Log. :P~

U July 1

Lunch was clam strips and scallops at Bob's Clam Shack in Kittery Maine. Tender and delicious!

M June 18
For supper, Michael grilled Ballpark hotdogs on the Weber and Dave brought his rice pilaf. I poured the romaine salad from the bag <g> and we had our feast! Blackberry wine from Oliver's (Bloomington IN) with its pronounced fruity note with a strong floral nose complimented the hotdogs nicely. 

After supper, we drove to Scoops which was actually OPEN! Dave got chocolate, I got orange-pineapple, and Michael got cherry amaretto. Delicious!

Michael made hotdogs on the grill and they went beautifully with the rice pilaf that Dave had brought. Both were complemented delicately with the romaine lettuce salad that Janee poured from the bag. :P

M July 2

Lunch was a free all-you-can eat at Big Boy along the NY Thruway. It was free because i found a bug in my rice. I thought it was just a black piece of rice at first, till i looked more closely and saw its legs. <g>

Dinner was at Turning Stone Casino. I had Rigatoni with Bolonaise sauce and Michael had the capellini with chicken scampi. Yummy stuff. Great time. We especially loved the decor of this place, really art nouveau with bright colors and sweeping lines.
Janee's dinner

T June 19
Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery Maine does it up RIGHT. Mmmm! Lunch was in Kittery Maine. We walked across the bridge to Bob's Clam Hut for a delicious and bountiful treat of clams and clam chowder.

For supper, we finished off the Italian dinner that we had brought from Bertucci's. I felt like Dave was still with us as i ate his leftovers too. <g>

T July 3

We had supper at a really nice restaurant in the Turning Stone Casino building. We both got the ribs, enough that we will have enough for another meal, and garlic mashed potatoes. After dinner, we went to Crystals and got our free scoop of ice cream. Michael got strawberry and I got peanut butter-chocolate. 

On our way out of the casino, we stopped at Opal's and got some fudge, the snicker's flavor. YUM! 

W June 20 For lunch, we stopped at Ralph's Lazy Lobster in Freeport (a roadside stand) and Michael got this lobster roll:

lobster roll

Dinner was Miller's all you can eat buffet in Bangor, ME. Quite good and just what we needed.

W July 4

We stopped near Syracuse and picked up these local food items at a grocery store. 

Genesee  Adirondack maple syrup  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauce

We have discovered that this is a good way to get "souvenir" foods without having to pay he tourist surcharge that they get at the tourist shops.

We had our Italian leftovers from Turning Stone tonight. 

R June 21 Supper was Dairy Queen in Sussex NB. I had a coney and Michael had a cheeseburger. Cool Treats followed. M's was a chocolate marshmallow sundae and mine was a blizzard with rice crispies, whoppers, and cherry. (Not as good as my usual double cherry and double snickers. I don't think she really put double cherry in it.) R July 5

Cracker Barrel for supper. Michael got the Old Timer's Breakfast and I got my favorite: pecan pancakes with blackberries.

F June 22 Michael put a couple of filets on the grill along with sliced zucchini that we had bought at Florida, NY. (It was still good!) F July 6

Home! French toast for breakfast with raisin bread that we had bought somewhere on the road.. syrup was our Adirondack syrup from Syracuse. 

S June 23 Heated up half a chicken we had frozen from the grill at home. It was great. Penny enjoyed sharing it with us too. :)