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RV.net -- All kinds of useful stuff for the RV'er.

Go Rving -- Tips on how to buy an RV, what kind is right for you.

Lazy Daze -- The manufacturers of our purty motorhome.

Propane Locator -- Only the very finest of propane for us! This site helps us find it!

Recall Notices -- Be one of the first to know if your vehicle has a recallable problem!

Roadside America -- Your guide to off-beat attractions along the way. 



Geography Quiz -- I got 36/39 on Canada. And we don't even want to go into how badly I did on Europe. Click HELP for the answers.

Lyndsey's Mania -- All kinds of neat things including geography quizzes (I got 36/39 on Canada, and we don't even want to go into how poorly I did on Europe.), a how-far-is-it map, and some cool games.

ARRL -- The American Radio Relay League.

MORE Links -- Many more links at Janee's Hideaway.

myJanee.com .. where you will find Janee's Photoshop Resources!!

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