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November 27, 2002 -- Denver, CO

I became part of a wonderful family, when Michael and I were married over 20 years ago! And this was in evidence when we went out to join the family celebration in Denver. We flew out on Wednesday, staying at the Staybridge Suites Hotel, just off Quebec St.

We went walking right away, after getting to the hotel, because it was almost dark, by the time we got our rental car, drove out there, and checked in. We walked around in a little neighborhood just east of the hotel.

After that, we got cleaned up and called the folks. Michelle told us to come on over and so we did! They had plenty of good stuff to nosh on.. so that's what we did!

On Thanksgiving day, Michael and I walked near the hotel, but this time, we went west, and then south on Quebec Street.

Here we all are getting started to get ready for our Thanksgiving feast.

Michelle laughing about her goofy apron Janee preparing to follow all of her good holiday eating advice and going for Michelle's special pecans. Mmmmm! Janee talking with Benji
Joel and Becky and Michael
Angie and Anne Mitch preparing HIS turkey
Here we are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. These photos of Mitch and his brother Benji with that thing outdoors that looks like a launching pad... those are the guys doing the deep-fried turkey! This was something fun and different for all of us!
Turkeys finally out! Yes.. "turkeys!" Michelle didn't want to take a chance on the fried one, in case we didn't like it, so she did a baked one. (I liked the baked one better, anyway.)
How many people CAN you fit into a kitchen? This photo of Michelle... she was turning to say to me, "Enough with the camera, already!"

What a wonderful dinner we had! It was so nice being with all of the family, and with Michelle and Mitch's friends.

The next day, Friday, in the morning, we all gathered at Michelle and Mitch's again, this time for Hannah Meg's baby-naming celebration. I have a full page of photos for that beautiful event HERE.

Bubbe Phyllis with Hannah Meg
Rabbi Michelle, Joel, Michelle, Mira, Mitch, Hannah, and Ben at the baby-naming Mira watching the baby-naming ceremony with interest Becky and Hannah
These pics are of me and Michael walking along the fine walking trail that goes near M&M's house. We walked there on Friday and Saturday.

Yes, the altitude WAS a factor, for me at least. I got headaches, both of these days, during our walks. As you can, perhaps, tell from my attire, it was warm, about 55°!

On Saturday, we spent most of the day kinda hanging out. We went shopping with Becky at the County Meadows (?) Mall, which was very nice. The mall is themed like an Alpine chalet. Very cool.

This pic of me in our hotel room.. i was dumping photos into the laptop. :)

On the flight home, Michael's suitcase was destroyed by some baggage equipment! The airline is gonna give him some $$ for it, but not much, since the bag is several years old.

Anyway.. a WONDERFUL trip!

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