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Traveltales -- Short trips 2002
Orlando, Florida
April 11 - 14

This trip was for a pharmaceutical meeting for Michael. Business and pleasure. His business.. my pleasure! Actually, there was enough time that he got some fun out of it, too. Also, they arranged for some fun for him as well as me. :)

The flight down was good. Here are some photos of us at the airport and from the plane.

The Orlando airport is gorgeous. This last photo is of the architecture in the main part. I wish that i'd photographed some of the beautiful mosaics which decorate many of the walls and floors!

We got into Orlando and got settled in at the Disney Yacht Club Resort, a very beautiful place! Then we went for a walk (2 mi in 30 mins) and kinda checked things out in the process. Then Michael had a short meeting whilst i secured our Disney tickets!

Dinner was on the beach of the lake at the Resort. I wish that i'd gotten some photos of this extravagant affair!

HUGE spread including macadamia encrusted Mahi Mahi, plantain mashed potatoes, the best carrots i've ever had, and pineapple upside down cake. Pina coladas were flowing and it was a most pleasant evening. We sat with a couple from the Orlando area and another from Michigan.


Friday morning, M's meeting was at 7am (the downside to these trips is the meetings! LOL! and so we awoke BEFORE the sun.. at 5:45 EDT (4:45 our time) for our walk. We walked all the way around the lake twice on Disney's Boardwalk. (Be sure to click on 360 degrees.


This 360° panorama (in the link above) was taken from the other side of the lake. Our resort is not far to the right of the "wishing you a magical day" sign, and just behind the lighthouse, which is there, but small, since it is on the other side of the lake!)

It was exactly 30 mins to go 2x around, prolly a bit over 2 miles, because we were cranking.

Upon our return, I did something most uncharacteristic for me. I went back to bed for a nap! M headed off to his meeting.

When I awoke, I prowled around and took some photos of the resort, including these flowers that were growing so beautifully outside of the Conference Center.


A gentleman saw me getting down low to photograph the duck and it was his idea that i get down on the deck and entice him closer. He took these pics of me.

Friday afternoon, we went to Epcot. We had been there before, but we love it, and they change things frequently enough that it is always something new.

In the British section, we watched a Beatles impersonator group and they did a credible job in their imitation.

Canada had a NEAT 360° movie called "O Canada!" and we loved it, because it showed many of the places where we have been. Also it had many OTHER places where we have YET to go. Of course, everywhere we went were the beautiful FLOWERS!

Friday evening, we were whisked off via the Disney transporter (see photo to right) to Disney's Animal Kingdom, yet another of the Disney parks.

We didn't get to see much of the park, what it offers, but we did have a FAB buffet dinner with several tables set up offering copious delicious and beautiful food. Like a duhhhh-mmy, I didn't bring my camera.

After dinner, we were treated to the Animal Kingdom show at Camp Minnie-Mickey, a very well-done fancy extravaganza. All the performers were dressed beautifully as animals and they even ACTED like the animals. It was really great.

Saturday, Michael's meeting was very early again, but this time, we decided that we would do our walk after he was done and before our lunch.

Here are some shots of us getting ready for and taking our walk, just in case you don't believe me. <g> Yes, of course I use sunscreen!

Since we had only done the international part of Epcot on Friday, we went back to do the Future World part on Saturday.

We really liked this. We saw all kinds of cool things and sent a couple of emails to some friends. And we took pictures!

On the way back from Epcot, we happened upon an egret walking along. I took his picture and then he kept coming closer and i kept taking pics!

He suddenly held kind of still; i thought he was posing for my camera! But then he lunged and caught a little lizard!

I photographed on, open-mouthed, as the egret fought the struggling lizard and ultimately swallowed him.

Saturday night, we jumped our Disney transporter to Downtown Disney where we had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil. There are no words to describe this so i won't try. We loved it! jjj
Sunday morning after our walk, we cleaned up a bit and then had a lovely buffet breakfast at the next door resort, Beach something. The two hotels are actually connected. After that, we went up and changed into swimming stuff so that we could enjoy the awesome pool system that they have. I took a dip and a swim around and Michael captured these priceless shots. (Or is that "worthless?" <g>) Finally it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful weekend and head back north! We got to the airport in time for me to grab a catnap, and don't i curl up a bit like a cat?

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