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Traveltales 2002

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Last week

Beginning Sunday, 28 July 02
Sun 28

Hi about 80

Today we walked around the campground, just as we did ydy. Last night it rained... a lot! Then this am it rained a lot more, so the campground roads were pretty wet, but it was ok. We got the job done.

This was laundry day, so i took the laundry up to do it and Michael was staying behind to fix a wee leak that had appeared.

We decided that we'd had enough of rain, and more is forecast, so we will be heading home early. We decided to make the best of the time here in London, though, so we went back downtown. We went to the Market again and ate at that same yummy Italian restaurant, Al Fredo's. <g> Love that name! We shared a pizza with alfredo, chicken, and sundried tomatoes! :)

Mon 29

We got up pretty early today and did our walk. We went up the road that goes into the camp and then headed east down the country road. It was hotter than we had felt yet this trip and there were horseflies everywhere, buzzing around us. <shudder> Dogs that are not tethered and bugs that are not tethered are my nemeses!

After our walk, after unhooking and dumping the tanks, and after Michael found his KEYS, we headed on down the highway. (The keys had not quite made it into his pocket and were hiding in the grass back on our site.)

We drove on and on. We had planned on staying in or near Fort Wayne IN, but the miles just kept going by. When we were driving around Ft. Wayne, it was storming and raining so hard that we could hardly see. But on we went!

Finally we got to Indy and to Greenwood in time for supper. We went to Jonathan Byrd's, one of our favorite cafeteria-style restaurants, and had a great meal of catfish!

I shot these photos outside there. You can see how the storm had followed us! It actually didn't rain on us anymore the rest of the way, but the sky kept looking menacing. We drove just over 500 miles today (800 km).

Tue 30

We are still on vacation; we are just staying in our own house, where it is dry and safe. It feels good to be home, we both agree. Now, just because we are home, that doesn't mean that we are going to go back to work, even though that is what we usually do. We are going to continue to do stuff.

Today, for example, we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We had a really great time. We both love this museum. We spent most of our time in the contemporary art. The outdoor pics are on the 2nd floor of the Museum, where it overlooks the White River and surrounding woods.

Wed 31

Today our walk took us up Cave Road to Hwy 48, my usual walk, when we are not on vacation. Then we drove to Evansville, Indiana, to visit with our friend Vern. We first stopped off here at this park along the waterfront where i took this opportunity to pose for some photos. (I'll never look any better than i do right NOW, right?) I really liked the geometry of these lined-up granite balls.

Then Vern directed us to Elliot's, where we had a fine big meal. Michael and I shared the catfish dinner you see in the center and Vern had the chicken breast. Then another photo op presented itself on this funky driftwood formation there.

Next on the tour was the Reitz Home Museum. This home is the beautiful restored late 19th century residence of the Reitz family, who made their fortune in the timber industry, and then spent the rest of their lives enriching Evansville with their generous donations. One of the last things that they donated was their home, which is now open for tours.

Incredible art here! I really loved the stained glass, the beautiful parqueted wood floors, and the ceilings!

Our tour guide was Mary Lou Weidenbener. She asked us where we were from, and we told her. "Bloomington? My son lives in Bloomington!" He is an orthopedist here, one who helped me with a tendinitis problem that i'd had sometime back, and a good friend of Michael's!

Thu 01 Aug

Today we walked the same route as ydy, up Cave Road to 48. HOT day and we had left a bit later than i had hoped. <pant> I had taken the camera with us today, though, and i caught some good nature shots. (I'll have them up with the next upload!)

We were planning to go to the zoo today with Suzanne, our friend and cat-sitter. She wasn't feeling well, though, so we decided not to go, either.

Instead, we went to FedEx to deliver some packages, and then went to the Borders bookstore to see if my book was on the shelves yet. Not yet, but, they say, "It's on the way!" I bought a couple of other books and we bought a package of Harry & David Moosemunch! (Not your usual bookstore purchase, I know, but they got us on the "impulse" thing.

On the way home, we decided, riding another impulse, to stop and see what was playing at the westside cineplex. Men in Black II was on at 3 and so we went to watch it. Fun summer fare, and we had a huge bag of popcorn to share. (We had brought the Moosemunch in with us so that it wouldn't be melted and icky in the car.)

Fri 02

Today was the "get it done" day. We had the guy come to repair our washing machine, which had decided to overflow, to celebrate its glee at our arrival home. We were going to get the gas tank filled, but they ended up cancelling.

Then in the afternoon, we went to get my new supercomputer! YAY! It has two 120-gig hard drives, 1.24 gigs of RAM, 2 gHz processor, the best motherboard that is available, and i got a new CD burner too. The coolest thing, though, is that i have a new video card that has support for THREE monitors! My newest monitor is on order, but they gave me a loaner till i get that new one. :) I'll have a pic of my new system up here soon! The very good news is that it is all up and running now and .. i am loving this!

Sat 03

Oh, how i love the zoo! After taking our early-morning Cave Road walk and doing a bit of tidying up around here, we headed up to Indy and made a day of it.

My, but it was HOT, a true worm-burner. You could see the air on the distant hills as we went up there and back, giving the hills a blue appearance, darker blue in the foreground, and getting gradually lighter further away. We brought (and bought) plenty of water, so we were ok.

I had fun taking photos at the zoo and got a few nice ones. Tell me your favorite!

We stopped at Shapiro's on the way home for a sandwich (Michael) and meatloaf (me). Then we topped off the day with a stop at Ritter's! Michael got Cherry Cordial, and I got a scoop of Cherry Cordial and a scoop of Caramel Cashew, which is, I think, my favorite (though chocolate-covered banana is right up there too!)

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