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January 5 - 12
Cruise of the Eastern Caribbean
day at Sea and San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tuesday, January 7 Day at Sea

This morning we awoke too early! They had told us to move our clocks ahead an hour, but we didn't realize that was to be TONIGHT! :) It was very windy for our walk around the track -- so windy that we had to hold our hats on! Michael jogged a lap.

Breakfast was sit-down for us today, since we were on time. <g> Michael had lox and bagels.

Afterwards, we went to a presentation by the cruise shopping expert, and that was kinda fun. Lunch was in the dining room. Michael had baby back ribs and i had a sandwich of cheese and tomato and arugula. I didn't like mine. I did LOVE my German Chocolate cake afterward though!

After lunch, we read some on deck and just relaxed. Late in the afternoon, i took an introductory Pilates class, trying out lots of new muscles!

For dinner, Michael had escargots and pork for his main dish. I had penne with tomato sauce and parmesan. Dessert was lime pie and choc soufflee and kahlua cheesecake. Does it seem like we lived from meal to meal? <g> Here is the towel dog that our cabin steward made us!

Wednesday, Jan. 8, San Juan

This morning we did a sit-down breakfast and then we had to go through immigration, since Nassau was outside of the US. This consisted of showing our documents, after waiting too long. We learned that we should have just gone late and we would have been fine. Anyway.. we couldn't get off the boat till the ship was cleared, and it couldn't be cleared till some foreign people had shown their visas and stuff.

Anyway.. finally we got out of there and met our guide, Benny, who took us to our bus. Our tour was to the Caribbean National Forest, a true rainforest! It was a fairly easy ride, and we stopped at this little fruit stand on the way. We each had one of these tiny bananas and they were sooo good!

Once we got to the forest, we had a short walk through the forest on a paved path. Michael and i saw a large brown and white bird and watched it through the binoculars, which i had intelligently brought! We heard many other birds, and kept looking around for parrots and such.

I got some pics of some flowers. Then we climbed the fire tower to the top and took these great pics.

The waterfall with aphrodisiac water (I don't believe it!) and an iguana in a tree were other highlights. I got a couple of reasonably nice pix of the iguana. I watched him for awhile through the binoculars, as he ate leaves. :)

After the tour, we went back to the ship and changed clothes. We went walking in San Juan for our 2 miles. Narrow streets, kinda quaint, but pretty seedy too. Shopped some on Fortaleza st. The ship left at 10pm today.

When we went back to our cabin, our cabin steward had left us this cute towel elephant!

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