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2003 February trip to L.A.
Saturday, 15 Feb 2003

California Adventure Park

Today we left for Los Angeles! We got an early start, which turned out to be good. The weather was threatening to close in on us, but the expected snow, for once, didn't materialize! We walked at our mall early, before it opened, then began the business of travel.

The flight was actually GOOD. On the 2nd leg, from Denver to LA, we were called out of line and upgraded to Business Class. Big deal? You bet! We were spoiled with recliner chairs and little TV's which I delighted in watching to see our position, as we crossed the Rockies, the desert, and into CA.

The sky was cloudy on the first leg, and on the 2nd, where it was beautiful flying weather, despite the recliners, we were not on the window, so.. no pix.

Michael's sis Becky picked us up at LAX and we had a great supper before heading to bed. Ok.. we were still on Indiana time!

Michael and I enjoyed the flowers in the neighborhood on our walk the next morning.

Then we went to Disney's California Adventure Park. If you keep up on my travels, you would know that Suzanne and I went there with Becky 2 years ago, when the park was new. Well.. it was still awesome! I took a few pics.

Here are Michael and me posing outside the gate on the A. There are all of the letters of CALIFORNIA spelt across the entrance. Then one of Becky and Michael clowning around. And Becky.. and me!

Here are the rides Michael and I went on. (Becky doesn't DO rides.) Actually.. we didn't go on the water ride, the first one depicted here, but i thought it was just too cool to not shoot a pic.

I think that my favorite part of this was the rope thing that we climbed through. Great fun! The swings in the orange were .. intense, we agreed. The big ferris-type sun wheel was great fun, really mellow.

This mosaic is.. isn't it beautiful? Amazing collage of artifacts of our lives. I thought it was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen.

CA Adventure park takes you through all of the various parts of CA culture. This of course includes popcorn! I love the flowers and plants here. Their gardens are wonderful. I tried to capture their beauty with my cam.
The succulent garden.
And some other beautiful flowers! A wonderful day was had by all!

Come along with me to the San Diego Zoo next!

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