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In October 2003, Michael and Janee went to Miami Beach for Janee to attend Photoshop World. A very nice bonus came in the form of our daughter Rachael and her two children, Sian and Henry, who live there. We got to spend some time with them on several different days. Here are some pix of us enjoying our time together.

The first 12 pix were in our hotel room whilst the kids did their homework. The next three are at the kids' school. Parrot Jungle Island was the setting for the last grouping. What a wonderful magical time we had with Rachael's beautiful family!

Here are our other Miami 2003 pages:

DSCN6012 DSCN6013 DSCN6015 DSCN6016 DSCN6017
DSCN6020 DSCN6021 DSCN6022 DSCN6024 DSCN6025
DSCN6026 DSCN6029 DSCN6095 DSCN6096 DSCN6097
DSCN6108 DSCN6109 DSCN6110 DSCN6111 DSCN6112
DSCN6116 DSCN6117 DSCN6139 DSCN6140  
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