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We're still on Roatan at the Botanical Gardens. Can you tell how worried i was about this parrot? :D
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38furry6749 39jneparrot6754 40rainforest6760
41rainforest6759 42rainforest6757 43roatancoast6765
After our tour, Michael had a beer at the local pub. It was quite nice sitting there in the open air and looking out at the local beauty.
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Thursday, 15 January 04

We docked in Grand Cayman. After a light breakfast, we prepared for snorkeling with the stingrays and in the coral garden. At 10:30 AM, we left the ship by tender for shore. We waited for 40 minutes at the dock for our tour to leave for the snorkeling. Janee seemed well enough so off we went.

The stingray area was in shallow water so it was easy to enjoy. These large sea creatures are very tame and swim right up against you hoping to be fed. Feeding is interesting. They create quite a vacuum. 

We spent about an hour with the stingrays and then we went on to the Coral Gardens. There we snorkeled in deeper water. The fish and coral were beautiful. The weather was great, about 85 degrees and sunny. I wished I had gotten an underwater camera, but there were none for sale that day.

To see what we saw at Grand Cayman's Stingray Sandbar tour, here is a link to another site where they got some neat shots!

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56caymancoast6787 57mgps6786 58caymantender6785
59jne6790 60janee6796 61towelmonkey6795
We got back to the ship in time to walk our two miles and clean up for the second Formal Night.
62turkey6802 63davekay6801 64gformal2
64hmjformal1 64susanpeter6800

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