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June 2004 Trip to Ann Arbor, MI

Part 1

Friday, 11 June, 2004

We left at the crack of 1:30 pm ;) and made it up to the tux shop in Carmel. We picked up Michael's tux and he did the necessary fitting and such. Then we headed downtown to the Westin, where we took a few pics of our room and then got ready for Zoobilation!

Before Zoobilation, we always take some photos of us in our finery. This time, we missed my feet!

Zoobilation was really fun and we ate and drank to our hearts' content!

Saturday, 12 June

We awoke at the Westin and went to the Circle Centre Mall to walk, because it was raining a bit. We enjoyed the walk and then went up north again, to buy Michael's tux and got him some comfy formal shoes, too.

Our stomachs were calling and we answered! Shapiro's northside deli was our next stop. Yummy!

Next we went to Best Buy and got me a new bag for my NEW Nikon D70. Hey! You didn't think that the OLD bag would fit, did you?

Northward we drove! Our next stop was at Benton County's courthouse in Fowler, Indiana. You can see the photos we took there, by clicking the thumbnail at the right.

The weather was really scary just north of Fowler and on into Newton County, where we stopped in Kentland for pictures of their courthouse. As soon as I have them up there, you'll be able to click the courthouse thumbnail to go to the county's page.

Next, we drove on up to Crown Point, Indiana and shot its courthouse.

We liked Crown Point, but we left after getting our shots and drove over to Valparaiso, the county seat of Porter County. We checked into the Hampton Inn and were quite happy to get off the road.

We were really happy, too, to discover the Strongbow Inn next door, where we feasted on turkey meals. I had a turkey pie and Michael had turkey piccata. Dessert was chocolate pecan pie. We fell in bed, stuffed and happy!

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