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June 2004 Trip to Ann Arbor, MI

Part 3

Monday, 14 June (continued)

We left Nappanee at about 9:30 and headed up the road to South Bend. Here, we photographed the St. Joseph County Courthouse and got this fun pic of a policeman having his own car towed. Although it looked as if he had illegally parked in front of that hydrant, actually, he'd had engine trouble.

Photos coming soon!

On down the road, through Mishawaka to Goshen, the county seat of Elkhart County. We got our shots and walked around the courthouse. Then we went into the courthouse to go to the restroom. By the time we got out, the weather was closing in, and we trotted back to the car as it began to rain.

And rain it did! Almost the whole way to Ann Arbor, we drove through driving rain, enjoying flashes of lightning, though a few strikes were quite close!

Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Michael had an adventure last night, as I slept. One of our outlets developed a short and, as he tried to plug in the phone charger, Michael was greeted with a shower of sparks!

To make a long story short, we ended up moving to a new room, here at the Candewood Suites. It's a fine room, nice and clean, and quite close to everything.

We walked this am up the Eisenhower parkway and it was quite nice. Then we came back here, cleaned up, and moved rooms. After that, we went for lunch and did some shopping. I got some straps for my camera bag which converted it into a li'l backpack! They are padded nice straps like the ones that they use for briefcases. In fact, I got them at CompUSA. They had a whole big box of them.

Dinner was a sumptious repast at California Pizza Kitchen. (fusilli with broccoli and chicken, sundried tomatoes, garlic... yum!)

I did some work for my LVS Online class and then we crashed for the night. Uneventful night, which was good! LOL! No sparks. No flames!

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