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March 2004 Trip to San Francisco -- Part 1

Our trip to San Francisco started out to be a Photoshop World trip, and, indeed, that's where I was for the first part of the week.

These first photos are just some "getting to know you" pics taken right around the hotel and convention center area. The round structure in the 7th pic is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which we visited later in the week.

This pic at the start of row 3 is of the Argent Hotel, where we stayed. Our room, 3036, had two windows, one which overlooked the Moscone Convention Center and Metreon, and the other which overlooked the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance, Coit tower, and Union Square, closer in.

001jmplane6858 002room6862 003room6860
005mwindow6863 006moma6870 004mjcityref6864
010argent6866 011metreonview6873 012ggunsquareview6872
These first two shots were taken at one of the piers along Embarcadero.

014tractortugs6878 015tractortugscleandock6877 016viewn6876
018metreonview6874 022pier396881 024coit6879
019mcrabs6884 020mcrabs6885 023flowerhouse6880
We spent part of Saturday at Fisherman's Wharf, where Michael enjoyed some crab! We just walked around there and had a good time!
024coit6879 025jneskel6887
San Francisco was blooming! Here are some photos I took of flowers whilst we were in San Francisco.
009bluflower6867 013greenflower6871 007greenflower6869
008redtrumpet6868 021purple6882 070iris6948
113lily7017 112lily7019 073orangeflr6951

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