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March 2004 Trip to San Francisco -- Part 3

Thursday was a big day for us! We took the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge and then walked all the way across it and back, a total of 3.4 miles. Along the way, we got some shots.

The big cable, whose cross-section you see here, is the size of the big curved cables which extend from the tall supports.

069gg6949 067ggplaque6945 075ggcable6953
076ggcableclose6954 044ship6918 045baycity6917
050nofggbridge6919 051nofggbridge6926 052bayviewfromgg6925
A rivet? Ok.. maybe not riveting to you, but I found it interesting!
053rock6923 054shipfromgg6922 049ggbridge6921
046ggbridge6916 055ggfromnorth6929 056rivet6934
On the way back, the sun was bright and I had not brought a hat. Michael let me wear his hat, on the condition that I also carried the bag which contained our copious outerwear, which we had brought, upon advice from multiple sources.

Tip: If you are speed-walking at all, you do not need more than a long-sleeved T-shirt!

061mloaded6936 060jneloaded6937 057jnegg6933
058malcatraz6932 059jneskyline6931 062ggup6935
063gg6942 064gg6941 065gg6940
What a great day it was! The sky is not retouched here at all.
066ggcable6938 068ggbolts6944 071ggup6946

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