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March 2004 Trip to San Francisco -- Part 4

Here are some sights we saw on Thursday and Friday. Dave's Bar is quaint and right across from the Argent. I thought it warranted a pic.

We ate at the Cafe Venue, enjoying a lunch of chicken pesto sandwiches.

The MoMa wouldn't permit pics except in the atrium, so... that's all you get!

Here we are at Mel's Diner, where we enjoyed two yummy breakfasts on our trip!

Lafayette Park, at the top of a tall hill, was a good walk for us on Friday and the views were wonderful. I shot these photos on the way.

072daves6956 074cafevenue6958 077sfmoma6960
078sfmoma6963 079sfmoma6962 080mmels6964
081jnemels6965 082houses6967 083Mlafpk6968
After we rested a bit at the park, we walked down to Ghirardelli Square, enjoyed Glenn Morgan's hammered dulcimer music, and laughed at the pidgeons bathing in the fountain.

084dogpark6969 085downhill6970 086yellowhse6972
090greenhouse6973 089goughhill6974 088ghirafount6975
087pidgeons6976 091glennmorgan6981 092glennmorgan6978
After a sumptious meal at Lori's Diner (topped off with hot apple pie a la mode!), we caught a cable car back to Chinatown. We shopped our way back home and were quite tired upon our return!
093loris6986 094mghirar6985

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