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Chicago 2005

Monday, 09 May 2005

Hi! After our walk this morning on the Cook Trail, we took Maddy to camp and then left for Chicago, where Michael has a business meeting. We flew up in the middle of the day, arrived on time, and got unpacked and investigated the hotel.

We're staying at the Chicago Downtown Marriot on North Michigan Avenue. It's quite a lovely place and we have a great view, as you can see! A good view is always a very important thing to me, so we always ask for a room as high as we can get, non-smoking, king.

Here are some photos from the plane flight and of our room and view from our window.

09plane0556 09plane0562 09plane0565
09hotel0569 09hotel0572
09hotel0573 09hotel0567 09window0568
Here we are all set to go out in search of dinner.

The tulips are all blooming along Michigan Avenue. If you ever get the chance to go to Chicago when the tulips are blooming, do it. It's just beautiful!

Here's Michael talking on the phone to Suzanne. And I was off taking a pic of the John Hancock Center!

We ate a delicious dinner of spit-roasted chicken, veggies and bbq beans from Foodlife at Water Tower Place. Then we had a cookie and collapsed, exhausted, into our bed!

09hotel0574 09flowers0577
09mphone0591 09hancock0590

Tuesday, 10 March 2005

We awoke early to the sun streaming through our 42nd story window! A look through the binoculars told us that it was warm out (no jackets... lots of short sleeves!) and so we dressed accordingly. Our walk was down to Navy Pier, all the way around it, and then up past the Drake Hotel by Oak St. Beach, and back down on Michigan Ave to our hotel. I'll post maps soon.

On Navy Pier,MIchael thought this concrete patch looked like Indiana's outline. I had to agree! We enjoyed the gulls and their screeching. We posed one at a time for this composite on the anchor.

10city0595 10mwalk0596 10indiana0597
10gullcolony0598 10navypier0602 10lighthouse0606
10navypier0611 10navypier0613 10navypier0614
This goose swimming below in the lake was curious about me and my camera! And yes, the water was really that blue! I did no color enhancement here.

We cleaned up and then dined on the buffet here at the hotel's restaurant. It was just perfect. Michael had the hot buffet with eggs, bacon, and lox & bagels. I had a bowl of raisin bran with granola, fresh strawberries & bananas, and skim milk.

Next, we took the bus to the Loop and visited the Sears Tower! We went to the Skydeck and I got a few pictures. What an incredibly beautiful day! We could see for miles and miles. Check these out!

10navypier0620 10searstower0626 10searstower0627
10searstower0628 10searstower0629 10searstower0630
10searstower0631 10searstower0632 10searstower0633
This is the Sears Tower from the street. We had lunch in the park across from the Sears Tower. I have never seen a prettier day than this. Look at these happy people!

We went back to Navy Pier this evening, enjoying a delicious supper at Bubba Gump's. Then we ambled around the pier, soaking in and photographing the sights.

There are more a few more photos in the loop than you see thumbnails here.

10searstower0634 10searstower0635
10lunchstop0636 10navypier0641 10navypier0645
10navypier0653 10navypier0652
This gull actually posed for me!

Very high fun factor here in these mirrors!

10navypier0664 10navypier0668 10navypier0671
10navypier0673 10mirror0675 10mirror0676
We rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier! It is very high and beautiful. And of course.... what a great view!

Beautiful end to a wonderful day!

10navypier0679 10navypier0680 10navypier0682
10navypier0683 10navypier0685 10navypier0691

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Different sort of day today. We awoke to a crash of thunder and lay in bed experiencing the flash-BOOM! of a thunderstorm.

We tossed on our walking duds and headed down to the Marriott's exercise room. After 40 minutes on the treadmill, we were refreshed and ready for the day.

We ate at the hotel's restaurant, deciding we couldn't improve upon the perfection of yesterday. Then we headed out to the Field Museum of Natural History. The 146 bus took us directly there!

I liked this plaque outside Soldier Field.

Inside the museum, we spent most of our time looking at the birds and mammals, preserved for posterity in natural-seeming positions. The birds were particularly enchanting, and I learned that it was from here that the "Field Guides" came! (I'd thought they were so named, because one might take it out into the "field." Oh well!)

We tagged along for part of a tour on the Egyptian mummy section, were we learned a lot about how mummies are made and how they were entombed. Forget the burial/cremation debate! When I die, I want to be mummified and then put into an elaborately carved sarcophagus and entombed in a giant pyramid.

We did a fly-through of the geology and gems before going back down. I caught this photo of the ceiling pattern before we left.

Dinner tonight was the buffet supplied by Michael's meeting. I was given a nametag that said "Guest" and that got me in! We sat with interesting people and talked about... what else? Photoshop! LOL!

11soldierfield0693 11fieldmus0694 11fieldmus0695
11fieldmus0708 11eagle0699 11fieldmus0698
11fieldmus0700 11fieldmus0705 11fieldmus0709

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today I took no pics. It was a dreary and cold day and, while Michael was in his meeting, I worked on catching up with this journal and my pics, watched decorating shows, and played computer backgammon. I didn't connect to the net till noon. (The hotels charge noon to noon for access, so I can get on every day while paying for every other day, by doing online work in the afternoon one day and the morning the next.)

We had tried to go walking in the hotel's fitness room at 5:45 this morning, but it was already packed. And we're talking about .. something like 9 treadmills and 6 ellipticals!

We walked at 5:30 when he was done with the meeting and before he went to his dinner. By then it wasn't raining and, while it was pretty cold, it was pleasant walking anyway.

Michael changed and went to his dinner and I went for dinner on my own to Foodlife in WaterTower Place. I had ziti with meat sauce and it was delish! I was too hungry by the time I got it that I didn't feel like taking a pic.


Friday, May 13, 2005

Lucky Friday the 13th! Well.. we'll be lucky if the weather clears up; that's for sure! It's off to a cloudy and chilly start.

I had breakfast with Michael and his group. Here's a pic I shot of Paul, Michael, and Leroy. Michael's meeting is over at 1, so we'll try to do something fun to photograph!

Michael's meeting ended this morning and he brought up box lunches at noon. We watched it rain as we ate.

After lunch, we walked around, through several scenic parks. It had turned meanwhile into a lovely day!

After walking as far as we could, we hopped the bus back north, to Water Tower Place. We did a bit of shopping and I got a new sweatshirt, which I needed against the evening cold!

Then we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!

We were both very tired so ended our day early... after eating our Godiva Chocolate cheesecake! .

(There are more pics than these. Use the arrows to navigate them!)

13rain0716 13milleniumpk0725 13milleniumpk0724
13grantparkmap0735 13michaellincoln0733 13mjnelincoln0728
13grantpark0731 13lincolnpark0727 13mjdinner0736

Saturday, May 14, 2005

We got up early today and, after breakfast at a little bakery (not great), we walked south, this time ending up at the Art Institute. During our walk, it was pretty chilly, but we were warmed to a comfy level by the time we arrived.

We always enjoy the Art Institute, and today was no exception. We visited the East Asian galleries, then spent time with American art, Modern art, and our favorites, the paperweights and the Thorne Miniature rooms.

14jnefountain0745 14nbc0737 14shoes0748
14walk0738 14walk0741 14walk0742
14art01_0749 14art02_0752 14art03_0754
14art06_0750 14art07_0753 14art08_0755
14art04_0756 14art05_0758 14art12_0780
14art09_0757 14art10_0759 14art17_0782

We both particularly enjoyed the Modern galleries this time. Much great surrealism up on the top floor!

And these great classics!

14art13_0775 14art14_0773
14art18_0776 14art19_0774

The Exquisite Corpse images were quite cool, and this inspires me with another Art Challenge idea. The game is described in the image to the right. Only two of the three images I shot turned out any good. I think these are #2 and #3

art15_0787 14art25_00784 14art21_0785

We enjoyed lunch in the Museum's Cafe before we visited the paperweights.

The old Chicago Board of Trade building is built next to the Art Institute, like it's part of the same building. We went in and shot a few pics.

14art11_0764 14art22_0762 14chairs0768
14art16_0765 14paperwt0766 14paperwt0767
14stckxchg0771 14stkxchg0772 14stkxchgceiling0770

The CTA bus took us back up Michigan St and we came back to the room for refreshment. Then we headed out for a walk to Navy Pier. We walked to the end, enjoying the crowds.

Did I mention that the weather by now was beautiful? If we have learned one thing this trip, it's that Chicago weather is VERY iffy this time of year!

Although it was early, we still had trouble getting a place to eat, but after a short wait, we got in at Bubba Gump's. Yummy "fish & chips" -- battered & fried mahi mahi with fries & slaw and onion rings!

We were thinking about dessert -- funnel cake on the Pier, Key Lime Pie at Bubba's, or .... a cookie from Water Tower! We hopped the free trolley to Michigan and then the bus up to Water Tower. Buses rule.

The same bus took us back to our hotel, where we got milk for me and came back up here to lay waste to those cookies!


Sunday, May 15, 2005

42 degrees this morning! I had not brought gloves or my ear warmer, so we opted for the treadmill in the fitness room this morning.

Breakfast here in the hotel was the scrumptious breakfast bar, and now .... our bags are packed and we're ready to go!

The plane flight was a little delayed, but not enough that it made the news. We made it safely back to Bloomington and .... a good trip was had by all!

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