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Michigan in June 2005

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Where are we NOW?

This data is sometimes not exact. It is based upon our GPS unit which we have hooked to the internet via amateur radio and APRS.

What is APRS?

Several people have written to us, wondering how we do the "Where are we NOW?" so I put a short explanation to the right. Michael and I are both amateur radio operators. He's N9YYM and I'm KC9JNE.

APRS*, or automatic Position Reporting System, is a software package that enables us to display our exact position as it is determined by GPS and transmitted by packet radio.

Packet radio is a digital form of amateur radio communication that uses airwaves to transmit packets of digital information to other other amateur radio packet stations. Some packet stations serve as gateways to the internet, allowing us to display our current position on specific websites. The position link that I offer above is one such website!

*APRS is a software package and a registered trademark owned by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

Wednesday, 22 June, 2005

Early walk today. Then at noon we met Dave, Liam (9), and Wren (6) at Angelo's restaurant. I had the French toast with berries. It was SOOO good! Michael had a BLT. :)

After lunch, Dave took us up to his office and gave us the tour. He showed us his office, his lab, and we got to meet many of the people he works with daily. He has a great view! And we were both impressed by his name on the door. Well, truthfully, I was impressed that he has a DOOR!

We'd brought lunch for Kelly too. She was at home with baby Josefina (15 mos) and we were happy to see them both!

We'd brought presents for the kids, a paper airplane kit for Liam (huge hit) and a kit for making suction cup critters for Wren. We played with them and these toys for the whole afternoon. When kids don't watch TV (these kids don't!), they are so much more attentive and interested in ... real things. What a joy!

(I realize that these photos are not "perfect," but kids do move fast, as do cameras, sometimes. ;))

This was Dave & Kelly's "date night," the night every week that they hire a sitter and go OUT. This time they went out with US! We took them to Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. for a delicious dinner.

Then we walked around the little fair they were having, a nightly affair during the summer. Music played and people of all ages reveled. We didn't stay till the movie, but they show an outdoor movie too.

This last picture in this group is just a guy and his little boy -- we don't know them.

22wren1005 22wren1007 22daveliam1015
22wrengrandpa1013 22jnelunch1010 22davebldg1016
22davefamily1017 22davedoorplate1022 22daveview1023
22dave1019 22davedad1021 22davejne1020
22davefamily1032 22davekelljosie1029 22jnewren1040
22wrengrandpaliam1027 22michigan1042 22wemu1050
22fair1048 22littlefair1046 22fatherson1047

Thursday, 23 June, 2005

Today we went early for our walk, shooting a few pics along the way.

23trail1051 23trail1052
Then we gomed out here a little. I probably visited my classroom boards, or at least I hope I did. At 11, we went over to son Dave & Kelly's!

We played outside for a little while with Liam's paper airplanes and I showed Wren how to braid.

Then after a little snack, Michael and I left on an outing with Liam and Wren.First we went to the Art Museum, where they were doing an exhibit of Pop Art. All of us were fascinated and Liam read many of the informational placards beside the works. There was a good collection of Warhol, a few Lichtensteins, and one Bechtel!

23airplanes1054 23josiekellyjne01056
23wrenplane1057 23braid1060

We thought that next we'd hit the Museum of Natural History, but we were given bad directions by the misinformation person at the art museum, so we didn't make it. We DID find ice cream, though!

A quick trip to the mall yielded some fine children's clothing, a ride on the roller coaster, and some fun in a romping-climbing area for Wren..

23art1062 23numbers1065
23turtle1072 23wren1070

After a quick hotel stop, we took the kids back home. Michael went to Dave's pneumonia dinner-talk (doctors only) and Kelly fixed a delicious supper for us.

And I got to babysit! Well, just for a little while. Kelly had her book club meeting and, once I'd showed my references ;), she decided to go on and leave me with the little ones.

Friday, 24 June, 2005

We were happy that we'd done our walk early today, because it got HOT during the day today!

After doing our morning thing including updates for this journal and checking my students' assignments, we went to the meeting I was supposed to attend. We just were not into it, though, so we collected our materials, had our "free" breakfast, and left!

Back at the room, I did a bunch of student work, site updates, and general catchup.

At about noon, we went to the mall and shopped for my dress for next weekend. I found one! :) 

We hunted till, with Kelly's help, we found Zingerman's Bakery! This place is in a warehouse complex, not where you'd expect to find a retail bakery. We bought some treats for tomorrow and some things for the kids.

Zingerman's Bakery!

At about 4, we went over to Kelly & David's! Dave came home soon and then we got ready and went to Liam's game.

Although Liam's team didn't win, it was an exciting game. We got to watch Liam at bat, 3rd base, and pitching!

Tonight we're exhausted and planning a long drive home tomorrow.

What a wonderful time we've had!

24josie1079 24josie1080 24jnejosie1081
24mjosiewalk1084 24davejosie1089 24liam1086
24liam1088 24liam1092 24liam1095

Saturday, 25 June, 2005

We left the hotel early and went to Zingerman's! We just had to have more of those delicious treats to take home.

The drive was easy along the state highways. We really dislike interstate driving, ever since we got into the practice of getting off the main roads.

Would we ever have been able to dine on paninis at Vaughn's Cafe in LaGrange Indiana, had we stayed on the "big roads?"

We stopped in Indy and indulged further at Handel's. We were back in Bloomington by 4pm. We stopped at Suzanne and Mary Elizabeth's to share some of our Zingerman's. Then we headed back to see our cats!

"Oh, you. We didn't notice that you'd left." <g>

25falloutlagrange1573 25jne1576
25lagrange1567 25lagrangehorses1569 Message Board

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