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San Francisco in March 2005 -- Week 2

(Link to Week 1)

This begins Week 2 of our San Francisco trip Journal. You can click the link above to see Week 1.

Thursday, 24 March 2005

I have a couple of photos left over from yesterday, the 23rd. We went shopping in the afternoon and here are a couple of our shopping pics.

This morning we decided to go on a more challenging walk, so we went to Telegraph Hill and the Coit Tower. On the way up, we saw a small film crew shooting a guy on a bike going down one of the steep hills we'd just climbed. I was going to shoot a pic of him too, but I cleverly hit the OFF button instead of the shutter release.

So I settled for a pic of the film crew's bags.

23unionsq00235 23jneshopping00234
24kearneyst00237 24kearneyst00238 24filmequipment00236
The views from the top of the tower were all the more magnificent with the SUN shining! Yes, that's right, we had sun today!

We loved the walk up. We're both feeling much better today and much stronger. We did stop for a snack after we had been to the top of the tower and I got this shot of a pretty California poppy!

On the way down, instead of just retracing our steps down Kearney, we took the Filbert Steps, which took us through some lovely gardens on the eastern sheer cliff side of Telegraph Hill.

24alcatrazfromcoit00241 24alcatrazfromcoit00243 24filbertstepshouse00258
24ggfromcoit00240 24ggfromcoit00242 24lombardfromcoit00244
24michaelcoit00250 24oakbaybridgefrmcoit00247 24viewsouthfromcoit00248
24poppy00252 24michaelatcoit00254
This is where the Telegraph Hill parrots are said to reside and.. sure enough! We heard some parrot-like squawking and looked up into the trees. There was a parrot! He actually sort of posed for me as I shot up the last of my camera's battery. This was still its original charge!

The steps took us down to Sansome Street which we followed to the Wharf. We went to Pier Market for a lovely sit-down luncheon of salmon in herbed butter (with capers for Michael), garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed veggies.

A cookie from one of the little shops topped off our bellies for our ride home.

The ride home, turned into a long journey. We had somehow thought that the buses just traveled the routes along the streets of our city map, but... they go further than that!

We thought that the #15 bus would go down 2nd street a way and then turn around and come back up 3rd Street, but it kept on going! It was taking us far far south before we finally asked the driver when it was going to turn around. She felt sorry for us and directed us to another bus which happened along just then.

We happily climbed aboard the 9X and were back at the Argent in short order. We did see some sights that we otherwise wouldn't have, some neat views, San Francisco General Hospital, and some neighborhoods with lots of graffiti and bars on the windows.

24filberttelegraph00256 24coit00255 24filbertsteps00264
24parrot00261 24parrot00263 24flowersonfilbertsteps00257
24calla00265 24map00204

Friday, 25 March 2005

We began our day with a roll, a muffin, a banana, skim milk, and orange juice from Tart to Tart, a place that's become one of our new favorites! Today is, as you see, quite sunny!

Michael's almost back to normal healthwise, and ... guess who has a cough now!?

25tarttotart00267 25jneinthesun00268 25mtart00266
We took the #30 bus from our hotel down Columbus Street to Ghirardelli Square -- the same route we walked on Wednesday. After some "museum shopping (looking but not buying), we had a delicious lunch at Lori's Diner. We shared the yummy cheeseburger you see here.

Great view of the bay, and we were surprised to see people actually swimming! Kinda cold for that, imho!

25somethinganything00271 25ghirardelli00269 25loris00278
25mloris00274 25jneloris00277 25mloris00276
From there we walked up Hyde Street. Here are some of the delicious views from there. When we got to the top of Lombard Street, they were preparing to film a commercial which used artificial snow on the road there. I got a couple of shots of the action.
25hydestreet00284 25wharf00270 25lombard00281
25lombardcops00280 25mlombard00282
We were happy to get to Huntington Park, where we enjoyed the sunshine and I took a few pics. The kid was imitating the pigeons. The man... yes, that was the actual color of his shirt!
25shoes00290 25guyinpark00291 25kidinpark00292
25huntingtonpk00289 25masonic00286 25blossoms00288
When we got back to Union Square, the Macy's dragon was snorting smoke out of his nose! Michael bought some jeans and I got this pic of him in the fitting room.

One thing that's different about SF from Indiana is the flower vendors everywhere! Beautiful pots of all kinds of beautiful and colorful flowers!

And here's the map of today's walk!

Dinner tonight was tortellini at the Metreon's Firewood restaurant and it was wonderful! This place has little bowls of seasoned olives on each table -- the kind with pits still in!

We topped off our bellies with dessert from Just Desserts there at the Metreon. :)

25macysdragon00293 25macysdragon00298 25mfitting00297
25flowervendor00296 25map00204

Saturday, 26 March, 2005

Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine! We went to Walgreen's and got milk and juice and then went to Tart to Tart for a slice of apple coffeecake and a cinnamon twist. (Guess which one I had!)

Then we got our bus route map and our AAA map and went out in front of our hotel to catch the #30 bus. We took it all the way to Ghirardelli Square and a little beyond -- North Pointe and Van Ness, actually. From there, we walked down to the trail through Fort Mason, the Marina Green park, and all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are some pics we took along the way. We loved this big house!

Can you see what the dog is chasing?

26ftmason00301 26ggparkrecarea00316 26marinagreen00303
26marinagreen00304 26janee00308 26janeemarinagreen00309
26house00305 26birds00320 26dogball00317
After about 30-40 mins, we arrived at the Palace of Fine Arts / Exploratorium. This time around, we opted to explore the Exploratorium.

This is a very large room full of exhibits of various scientific phenomena. We enjoyed the optics the most. In this first pic of Michael, he was making electric arcs go up through that tube. In the 2nd pic... I'm not sure what happened there, but I like that effect anyway. ;)

26exploratorium00310 26michaelexplore00311 26michaelcolors00314
We stayed at the Exploratorium long enough to wear ourselves out too much, really, for the rest of our walk. The rest of the walk to the bridge was beautiful, but physically challenging at this point.

We decided that next time, we'll take the bus to the bridge and then walk back to Ghirardelli Square. That would be largely downhill and we'd end up where we could have lunch!

Anyway, we loved these photos we got of the bridge! And how about these pink flowers?

The #28 bus took us down Lombard to Laguna where we got the #30 bus back to Union Square. Everyone was there! I took a couple of shots just trying to show how peopled the place was.

We had a delicious late lunch at Boudin's in the Macy's basement and then crashed on our 2 couches for the rest of the afternoon. Then later we had leftover desserts. :)

26ggbridge00321 26ggbridge00322 26bridgeflowers00324
26unionsquare00325 26unsqcrowds00329

Sunday, 27 March 2005

Happy Easter! Michael and I found that we were the most dressed-up folks at breakfast. We ate at the Jesters restaurant here at the Argent. I enjoyed raisin bran covered in berries and bananas and Michael had eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast.

Then we suited up for our walk up Market Street to the Civic Center area. This is where the San Francisco City Hall, State Buildings, and courts reside, and also the area where you'll find the Symphony Hall, Ballet, and Opera Hall.

The pic of me in the dinosaur cage.,... ok, I know this seems weird. This was a piece of interactive art in front of the Asian Art & Culture Center.

27janee00331 27michael00330
27cityhall00338 27michaelcivic00334 27statebldg00343
27courtchousedoor00339 27janeesaur00335 27operahouse00346
This rounded building is the Symphony Hall.

I found this playground sign interesting.

And... we found this obstructionist artwork interesting. We find this on ledges, windowsills, and walls. It's somewhat attractive sometimes, but its purpose is to keep folks from sitting there or, in the case of this wall, to keep skaters off!

Here's the map of our walk. We went a little "off the edge."

After our walk, we walked a bit more.. to Chinatown, where we enjoyed a terrific lunch of Almond Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice with WonTon Soup! Yes, we do eat with chopsticks when we can.

It started to rain as we ate, and it was raining for our walk back.

I'm feeling punk at the end of today, and we're just sitting around this evening, listening to the rain.

27symphonyhall00344 27mjwindowsill00340 27sign00350
27obstruction00347 27map00204
27sign00352 27greatoriental00351 27janeechopsticks00353

Monday, 29 March 2005

We began the day with luscious treats from Tart to Tart along with our milk and OJ from the Walgreens. Then we laced up the walking shoes and headed down to the Fisherman's Wharf via Sansome.

As we walked, the rain moved in. Michael, who'd smartly worn his raincoat, was fine. I, who'd foolishly worn a sweater under my stylish yellow vest, was a little wet and a little cold. By the time we arrived at the wharf, though, all that remained of the rain was puddles!

Our intention was to do the Hop-On-Hop-Off Muir Woods/Sausalito Tour. We went to 165 Jefferson St, just as the website instructed, and ... there is no such tour yet. It will be available in 2 weeks. <sigh> We didn't want to have a tour-determined deadline at the Woods, so we decided that we'd do something different today.

My friend Jeanie had reminded us about the Golden Gate Park and all that it offers. We had taken a quick stroll through there last year, but we knew that there was still much more to see. So from North Pointe and Taylor, we jumped onto the #47 bus, transferred onto the #5, and rode to the Park Presidio Blvd, just about at the lengthwise middle of the park. 28map00409
We entered at the Rose Garden, and, though it was not in bloom, I'll bet it is lovely when it is! We meandered leisurely along the paths. The Arboretum was absolutely wonderful, a seemingly endless forest of huge and glorious plants of every imaginable variety.
28succulents00366 28succulents00363 28succulent00364
28michaelagave00365 28janeetree00355 28mtree00370
We stopped at the bookstore to buy a park map and ducked out of the park in search of food. Pasquale's was where we landed, and we enjoyed a delicious pizza with pepperoni and onions!

We roamed past the rhododendrons, camellias, and some more wonderful trees and flowers.

The flower conservatory was closed (Monday) leaving us something for our next visit.

We saw some shopping cart people who'd chosen the park as their destination. One was drinking a Guinness. Another had set up an elaborate camp at the end of one end of a trail.

And we saw... a fork in the road! (Picture is here!)

But mostly we saw sheer beauty!

The #5 bus took us nearly all the way back, going farther down Market Street than we thought it would.

28camellia00396 28camellia00401 28fleurs00359
28flower00389 28flower00390 28flowers00391
28flowers00358 28flowers00374 28flowers00375
28flowers00377 28flowers00378 28flowers00380
28fuschia00404 28fuschia00405 28jnecalla00394
28flowers00381 28flowers00383 28fuschia00402
28rhododendron00385 28toadstool00386 28trail00371
28trail00384 28forkinroad00408
After we got back here to the hotel, I worked on pictures and then we went for dinner at Mel's Drive In. The meatloaf sandwich was delicious! Dessert at Metreon's Just Desserts finished our happy day!

Tuesday, 29 March, 2005

Today began with rain. We had a shower of our own, and then a delicious breakfast at the Jesters restaurant here in the hotel. Then we decided that we'd go and visit the Museum of Modern Art this morning as soon as they opened at 11.

I did my photo editing and posted my update here and Michael updated himself on the daily news. Then we walked to the museum, just a block away.

We always enjoy modern art museums, and this one is always special, but today it was extra-special, because of the special exhibitions! Though we were not permitted to photograph there, we enjoyed capturing the images in our eyes. ;)

Our favorite was the Robert Bechtle galleries -- 91 pieces of this artist's work. This site has a good description of his work -- photorealistic paintings of everyday scenes. This one has more about his methods, as well as pics of him at work. I was surprised to read that he uses essentially the same method that I do in my own photorealism attempts -- tracing from a projection of a slide onto his canvas.

We also liked the typography exhibits and, of course, the ever-bizarre galleries of new artists and the galleries of weird things.

the SFMoMA taken in 2004

We left there at about 2, and headed off to the wharf for our walk and to run a couple of "errands." Michael had the crabe at the Crab House. I had the salmon. Both were wonderful!

We walked on up to Ghirardelli Square and were not too full for a chilly treat.

We hopped the #30 back. The funny thing is that it stopped a couple of blocks north of Union Square and the driver ordered everyone off. The bus was packed and no one knew why this happened, but we all did as commanded. I suppose that others caught other buses, but we just walked the 6 blocks or so back.

We walked on to Tart to Tart and got breakfast food for tomorrow morning. Tonight we're packing to go.

29crabhouse00415 29mcraqb00414 29wharfview00410
29ghirardelli00417 Message Board

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