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Tucson 2

5 Jan - 11 Jan 2006

The first row of this page is photos from Abilene and El Paso, when we were still on the way here.

Row 2 #1 shows us at our site at Far Horizons Tucson Village.

On Tuesday, 10 January, we took our first hike with the Far Horizons Hiking Club's No Hurry Hikers group. We went to Saguaro East and took a couple of mellow trails.

While these won't make the National Geographic, I like some of these photos I took!

The jackrabbit below the photo of me.... Michael was the first to spot that. It ran shortly after I shot this photo, and it was bigger than our poodles!

The last two rows are at our campsite and the Pantano River Park right behind our campground.

roadrunner2139 abilene2142 mjmbass2143
lifeisgood2170 nohurry0110_2152 saguaro2158
saguaronp2153 saguaronp2154 saguaronp2155
saguaronp2156 saguaronp2157 saguaronp2159
saguaronp2161 saguaronp2162 saguaronp2163
saguaronp2164 janeesaguaronp2165 cactusbranch2166
desertmarigold2147 jack2167 pantano2150
pantanoflowers02148 pantanorivertrail2146 pantanorivertrail2151
mjbass2168 desertmarigolds2429 janee2432