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8 February, 2006

Today we went hiking with the Hardy Hikers of Far Horizons Tucson Village and the trip was to search for the rare but famed Macdougal Cactus! This took us up the Babat Duag Trail in the Catalina Range, just north of here.

Donna was our leader up this challenging and beautiful trail. The day was hugely windy, as you can tell by our costumes! And the scenery was lovely, as you can tell by my photos!

Note my peace sign on the first pic of Row 3.

We actually did see a Macdougal, which you can see in Row 4, center spot.

While I know that it's probably difficult to take a bad picture in this beautiful country, I am particularly proud of some of the photos I took this week.

babatduag2392 donna2350 babatduag2351
babatduag2352 azfishhook2353 view2354
peace2355 cactus2357 view2358
view2359 macdougal2362 rocks2363
view2364 rockyview2366 view2367
rocks2369 grasses2370 end2371
hikers2373 mountains2374 rocky2376
rocks2377 roadbelow2378 roadbelow2379
hikers2380 grassyknoll2381 jnemichael2383