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Creating a Save for Web Action jjj
1. You need 2 folders: source folder and destination folder. The source folder should contain all of your images with which you want to work. As a precaution, it is wise to copy this source folder, so that if you mess this up, you won't run the risk of losing all of your images. Click the Actions tab. Click the make a new action icon at the bottom of this palette. Open one of the files from the folder. Image -> Image size .. and make it the size you want. File -> Save for web. Make it the quality you want, or do Save to filesize. Choose the destination folder, don't change the filename, and choose save. Close the file and do NOT save. Go back to the Actions tab and click the stop button. To run this on a folder, go to File -> Automate -> Batch. Choose the action in the list. Find the source folder. Find the destination folder. Click OK. You will get one file that will ask you if you want to replace or cancel. This is the one that you did when you were making the action, so it doesn't matter, either way.






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