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Note: I maintain this list for the convenience of tutorial sites which want a convenient place to find my icons.

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Adjustment Layers

Amazing Gradients!

Antique Gold

Action to Mark Center

Animations in Photoshop / ImageReady

Action: Rule-of-Thirds

Basic Shapes

Basic Photo Retouching

Burned Edges

Beehive Tiling

Bursting through paper

Bulletin Board (3 parts)

Breaking out of a Frame


Celtic Knot

Make a copyright brush with your own signature!

Copyright Brush

Cutting out a hairy subject

Correcting Uneven Lighting

Cityscape Painting

Copyright Brush v.7

Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes 2

Cropping Tips

Crayon Effect

Crumpled Paper

Demonic Pet Eyes

Duotone Composite


Fading images into one

Fading Images Together


Gel Text

Get into Shape!

Fading Images tog in Elements

Folded Paper

Hearts with Pentool

Head Replacement

Impressionist Paintingjj

Interface with Rollovers
(6 parts)

Jet Contrails

Jeweled Gold

Just my type!


Line Drawing

Linked Letters

Love your Freeform Pen

Love your Pen:
Enlarging a Logo

Labeling a Bottle

Painting in PS7

Painting along a Path

Patterns 2


Posting a Link

Posting your Assignment


Pen and Ink Watercolor

Photo Composition


Photo Realism

Photo Restoration I

Postcard Text 1

Postcard Text 2 (Clipping Group)

Postcard Text 3 (Paste into)

Post-It Note


Reflections in Sunglasses


Red Rubber Ball

Rainbow 7

Rays of Light

Rainbow 5

Saving for Web

Seeing Stars

Selections & Removing Backgrounds

Sepia toning

Sepia Toning

Seventies Trees



Stitch in Time

Keeping your Colors Safe


Tilings 2

Transparent GIF

Turn the Page

Taters: Photo Retouching 2

Text Tricks

Torn Paper

TV Lines



Wooden Man

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