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Posting your Assignment

to a Blogging Site Message Board

Use a Blogging Site

This works very well. You can post your images and your Artist's Statements together in your posting and it's all really quite straightforward.

I like Blogger run by Google. It's free and allows you many options. You can set up a Blogger site very quickly. From the Start page, you can take a tour to see what this is all about. Then click the orange arrow for Create Your Blog Now.

One thing that I really like about Blogger is that there are no ads, unless YOU want them.

The Blogger interface is very friendly, with font and color choices, other formatting, spell-checking, and ways to add links and ... pictures!

To add a picture in Blogger, click the Add Picture icon in the Toolbar. You'll be able to tell Blogger how large you want your image displayed in your text and how you want it placed on the page. (You're telling it how large to display on your blog page. Clicking your image on the blog page will display your picture in the size that you upload.)

So here are the steps for posting your assignment to a Blogging site:

1. Create your page, make your Artist's Statements, and upload your images.

2. Upload your Blog entry.

3. Copy your blog or blog entry's URL

  • Go to the page where we can see your blog entry.
  • Highlight the URL.
  • Ctrl-C on your keyboard. This puts the URL into your computer's clipboard. This is something that you will not see.

Now you're ready to post to the Classroom Forum in the

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