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Pattern Triangle for Mandala

Here's another way to make the Pattern Triangle for a mandala or snowflake. This method and these images were first published by Friends of ED in 2002. It appeared in Photoshop Elements 2: Most Wanted in Chapter 7 under the header "Kaleidoscope."

The goal for the pattern triangle is to have a wedge which, when duplicated, reflected, and rotated, will fill a 360° circle. If we are planning to use reflection, the angle we seek must divide evenly into 180. (If we are not planning to use reflection, it must divide evenly into 360.)

1. Make a rectangle on another layer.

2. Rotate the rectangle the chosen number of degrees.

3. Make a rectangular selection which intersects this rectangle.

4. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard. This leaves a pattern triangle. Ctrl-D to Deselect.

Reduce the opacity of this layer, so you can see the image underneath.

5. Move the triangle to cover the part of the image you want to use.

6. Ctrl-click the pattern layer to load it as a selection. Shift-Ctrl-I, or Select > Inverse. Choose your art layer in the Layers palette and then hit the Delete key.

Turn off visibility eye for your pattern layer. Ctrl-D to Deselect.

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