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Tutorial Sites

Another one bites the dust ...
Tutorial links which used to work, but didn't at my last visit

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Adobe Evangelist  Large assortment of tutorials for v.5.5 or 6.0 in downloadable pdf format. Includes many topics.

Art Lebedev's Photoshop Tips & Techniques -- How to unconventionally do a custom gradient, how to manage plugins, a few more.

bbDigital Imaging  best tutorials for altering/improving photos using Photoshop.

Bouton's Goal-Oriented Art  Several tutorials for Photoshop and for other art programs (Xara, TrueSpace, Painter, Illustrator).

Chiseled Rocks  Great little collection of tutorials and essays on what makes a good cartoonist and how this one does his work in photoshop.

Creative Pro  Tutorial sites for use of graphics programs, gallery of sites honored for their design in various categories, forum for web developers.

CyberPhoto 3000  Not a tutorial site yet, but some useful information and resources for users of digital cameras.

Deep Space Web  Very good collection of fun and easily- followed tutorials covering basic topics, text effects, interfaces, etc.

Deep Space Web  Large collection of actions

Design With Photoshop See how Ali makes some of the components of his fabulous interfaces (see link below in galleries). Very well-written and easy to follow. 

Digiscape  a few Photoshop tutorials, including one of the better ones for masking hair. (where did it go?)

Digital Creativity  Some really nice tutorials for beginners and up, actions, gallery.

Digital Web Gold best gold. An amazing listing of tutorials on the creation of metallic-appearing objects.

Digiphoto  Quite a few nice tutorials on using photoshop to perform "magic" on your photos. e.g. making a mermaid, improving photos, and special effects using bottles.  Site offers some excellent, though simple-to-follow tutorials including some clever text effects and a nice embossed button. 

Eric's FX  Eric takes some wedding snapshots and takes us step-by-step through some enhancements.

FAQ for Photoshop-Related Newsgroups  Some nice answers to frequently-asked and beginner-level questions from the newsgroups.

Graphic Design Education Source  This site offers links to many of the graphic design schools worldwide, including state-by-state listings for the USA, many other countries too.

Graphixland  Quite a few very basic tutorials. I rather like the fire text one. 

Guntcher Graphics  The best tutorial on photo faking, other nice tutorials and info on photo manipulation, sharpening, and more faking. 

Haus of Photoshop  Very cool site with several basic tutorials on such things as transparency, rounded corners, and seamless tiles.

HPS Adobe Software Tips  A few short tutorials for Photoshop 3. Includes work with textures, making a photo collage, and working with lighting effects.

I-Service  Some very good tutorials done in German and English. Effects include chrome, speed type, pipes, punched type and more. (Use the tiny buttons in the yellow interface to navigate.)

Illustrator Resources  Tutorials in a submit-your-own format, a few actions and plug-ins.

JLS Websource   Some nice tutorials, including the one I used for my rose-colored glass

The JoeyPage  Rounded corners, cool wires, and the best lightning i've seen, written up and illustrated in some fine tutorials. Just the 3 for now, but he promises more soon.

Joe Williams' PS Tutorials  Many cool tutorials in Viewlet form

Joyce's Photoshop Tutorials  A section for just v. 6.0, several on color techniques, text effects, more.

Kewlpack  Great little set of tutorials including the best one on splicing of images, and one on using the "extract" tool.

Kraix   This guy has some nice tutorials for cool effects. I particularly like the mesh netting and the rusted hook! (Some of the language on this site is not for the timid.)

L'Univers de Photoshop  en Francais ... Voulez-vous apprendre quelque chose? Donc commencons par de petits cours simples, puis doucement on s'attaquera à plus intéressant tel que du photo montage, etc...

Marex Quite a few "recipes" for really good effects such as pipes, chains, blood, fire text, cracks & dents, page curl, neon tubes, and the like. The wood is very good as are many others.

Metamorephosis Several fun effects for Photoshop and ImageReady. I like the spooky text, diamond text, and the motion shadow effect.

Martin Evening Photography  Fine tutorials in PDF format extracted from articles or from his book Adobe Photoshop for Photographers. Topics include emulating the emulsion technique, infrared simulations, and color management. (It seems as if he is using his new site to advertise his books and services.)

Marko Media  Photoshop tips & tricks is really a fine listing of this author's own tutorials from subjects ranging from carved-in text, custom interfaces, and crayon etching.

Michellezworld Tutorials  Many tutorials in Viewlet form. If you like to learn by watching, then this might be for you.

Navworks  Some good tutorials presented in a humorous fashion, including a cute little animated pinwheel effect done with polar coordinates.

Neofrog  Nice glass buttons, gears, rust, chains, wires, and a really good screw. (Hey, tell me you don't want one!)

Optico  Several easily-followed recipes for such effects as gridlines, wires, rust, a stone texture, and a pretty cool "scrambled colors text".

PC Resources for Photoshop & Digital Photographer  Click on Tutorials in the top interface for a collection of basic tutorials. Topics range from using the v.5.* gradient tool to unsharp mask and making digital photography closeups.

Philspage  A fine collection of well-done and easily understandable tutorials on PS techniques including such topics as use of radical curves, difference gradients, hand bevelling, and glowing type.

Photoshop Club Several tutorials for Illustrator, also rollovers and tweening in Image Ready.

PhotoshopEtc. Many tutorials contributed by the site's members. Art & effects tuts include plastic text, edge effects, and a nice "how to draw a flower" tutorial. I also like the "basic Tutorials."

Photoshop Junkie Looking for a way to change the color of your car or add funky racing stripes? This site has it. Just car stuff at this fun site.

Photoshop Ticks  (yes) Some really well-done tutorials on making textures like moss, grass, and stone, and some text effects.

Photoshop Viewlets  Over fifty more tutorials in Viewlet form for those of you who learn best by watching. Topics covered are very basic ones such as adding a shadow and saving as jpg.

Pixelfied Several really neat tutorials! I particularly like the one that shows how to make a pencil sketch look from a photo. Other topics are a ray of sun, night vision goggle view, a grunge look, a light burst through type, and more.

pjcassel  Just a few tutorials, but they are well worth your look. Camouflage tiles, clipart from a photo, shape gradients, and more.

Project Crunch  Great little collection of tutorials on beginner topics like how to make basic shapes, perspective shadows, and a neat Tie Dye effect.

Robouk  Some great glossy plastic effects and others in a well laid-out site.

Roxanne's  Well-done tutorials that are easily understood even for newbies. Nice tutorial on edge effects,  some good beveled button effects, creating text background tiles, and more. 

Savvy   A nice listing of neat tutorials written at a basic level. Effects include grooves, glow, mercury, metal pipes, button basics, and wires.

Tutorials - FR  Si vous parlez Francais, c'est un bon resource pour toi pour des tutoriaux pour Photoshop et des autres.

Ultimate Photoshop  A huge listing of tutorials with links to the authors' sites.

Wasted Youth  Many original tutorials for different levels of users. Topics include interface shapes, text techniques, and several nice "jewel" techniques.

Web Design from El Centro College Library  An incredible resource with tons of material on website creation including help with HTML, Javascript, Design, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop. Also, under More Info, click Links for an amazing assortment of web development links.

Webgraphicworks  Just four effect how-tos, but I really like the "Scary Logo" one. The textured sphere is pretty cool too.

Webmaster Ressources  Tutoraux en Francais.. text d'or, un effet de flamme, creer un effect TV, et un effet de verre. 

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