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Tutorial Sites

Art & Special Effects Tutorials

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A+ Tutorials -- Tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on using the pen tool, wood and more.

Absolute Cross   PS tutorials on text effects, interfaces, special effects, textures and basics. Also some good webmaster tutorials.

Adobe's Photoshop Tutorials Tutorials from the source. Many fun projects here. Be sure to check in from time to time to try out the new ones.

Alan Hettinger  Nice specular highlighted button and a tut for cool graffiti... and more!

Al's Photoshop Tutorial  Al takes us step by step through making a sketch into a nicely colored and inked cartoon drawing with Photoshop.

AQ Art & Design  Anders Qvicker has a nice set of recipes for special effects. I like his rusted lattice and stone letters best! Hit the Home button to see his cool Flash interface!

ArtWorld Many cool effects and techniques here. The best ones are tuts in which the artist describes how a piece of art was done.

Asylum1  Several fun artistic effects here, with precise instructions.

Basic Photoshop  You have to sign up to get to these tutorials on basic PS tools and their applications.

Bicerebral  Many fine recipes for some popular effects including text effects, pipes, glass buttons, and patterns. 

Big Big Truck Tutorial  Follow along  through the creation of a cartoon character from the sketch through coloring. 

Computer Arts Tutorials  Many tutorials for learning the basics of Photoshop. Includes compositing images, using some of the version 6 tools, filters and effects, fixing bad lighting, and more. Includes some tuts for other apps too.

Digitalhints  Several very basic tutorials, some with viewlets, offering such effects as making wires, fire text, and replacing a color.

The Continuum  A few good basic tutorials including a good chrome and a nice basic one on using a mask for a "fade out" effect.

DaVinci Graphics  Down to earth tutorials for creation of almost by-hand effects including chrome-effect gold text, lightening, and a 3D text. best discussion on "how to be an artist".

DesignsByMark  Many resources for Photoshoppers tucked in between his advertising.

Digitalhints  Several straightforward tutorials on topics like screws, simple buttons, and wires. You can also now get pdf downloads of some of the tuts or watch viewlets.

Elated  This link takes you past all their annoying entrance screens straight to the tuts. The best ones are lighting effects, a few gradient tips, how to make a rollover.

e-Scrappers Scrapbooking is a fun application of Photoshop or Elements. You can learn more about this fun hobby here... and have a look at the fine effects tutorials too!

Eyeball Design  Some nice tutorials for "high tech" effects in a very attractive site.

Eye Digital Emotion  How-to's for some nice effects, separated by levels. I like Alien Orbs, the Metallic Text effect, and the Wall Texture.

80Four  A few special effects tutorials at the beginner level. I like the shattered text one.

Extreme Photoshop  Several cool special effects tuts. Scanlines, tentacles, and a soccer ball are among the topics.

GFX Artist  Very nice collection of tutorials which deal with digital painting, from sketch to completion.

Graphx Design Tutorials  Once you make it through the ads to the tutorials, you will find some really good ones here. I like the "runny text" that looks a bit like blood, the metal plate with screws, and the flag in the wind.

Guru's  Click Home in the "Go back to" to get to all the tuts. I just take you to this one because it is the best one on the use of the displacement filter, (till i write mine).

Hands On  A few very fine tutorials on topics like how to make a glass button, masks, lighting effects, and more.

Heathrowe Some nice tutorials including some patterns, and 3D letter text.

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials  A fine set of tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, use of the pen tool, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on use of the pen tool, wood and more.

Jason's Graphics Tutorials  Annoying popups, but some very nice tutorials, including an interesting approach to chrome These are for PS 5, but will work for other versions.

Jeff's Photoshop Tips & Tricks  Nice little list of short beginners' tutorials on such things as bevelled buttons, tiled backgrounds, and TV lines.

JP's PSP Tutorials Yes.. I know that PSP is Paint Shop Pro and not Photoshop, but these ideas work nicely with Photoshop, too. I really like the opal text!

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips   She calls 'em "tips" but what they are is actually short tutorials on topics such as how to make a bevel without filters or layer effects, layers, and custom brushes. LOTS of great stuff here for all of us.  Several fine tutorials done in Quicktime movie format. I like the microscopic effect and the grunge type.

Lunacore This is a fine tutorial site featuring some useful good effects and techniques. I particularly like the glass ball effect and the water drops!

Magic's Photoshop Tutorials  From beginner on up, lots of good tutorials and a very neat interface! Learn how to make buttons, interfaces, slicing, compositing, and other basics. Uses version 4 but much of the stuff still is good.

NASA Huh? Well, this link takes you to instructions for how to make 3D pictures, visible with 3D glasses!

Nebulus Designs Photoshop in 21 Days  He doesn't have all 21 days, but what he does have is a fantastic resource and a neat and tidy course in beginning Photoshop. Learn about "gamuts", color palettes, lighting effects, much more!

Pegasus Web Design Resources  Nice collection of tutorials for making website headers and interface designs. Other topics include textures and some special effects.

Perfect Pixels Photoshop Tutorials  Several nice effects here. Includes some text effects, textured metal, water, rough stone, drippy text, and a page curl. Version 5, but most things apply across versions.

Phong Fun effects in a really trippy site with kicky navigation.. but don't be in a hurry. I particularly like the wires and the e-plastic text.

Photoshop Cafe  Several nicely done tutorials for effects such as chrome, water droplets, getting rid of a background (extract tool) and brushed metal. Also one on rollovers in ImageReady.

Photoshop Design.NET You have to jump through a hoop to get to the link for the tutorials, but it's worth it for many tutorials on creating photomontages.

Photoshop Guru's Handbook  All kinds of cool PS things, including a great list of tutorials for newbies through advanced. Includes text effects, scanlines, plastic effects, much more. With this author's methods of teaching, you can learn to solve your problems rather than just following a recipe.

Photoshop Techniques  Fire and rain! Just the 2 tuts so far, but this is the best tut on making of realistic fire that i've seen! (Once you click in, choose Techniques from the top interface.)

Production Graphics w/ Wendy Peck  Many tutorials for PS and for other graphics programs too including Illustrator, PSP, Corel Draw and Fireworks. Also see the Graphics Greats section where graphics professionals are interviewed, and don't miss Dan Giordan's PS tutorials. Richard Lynch, author of Using Photoshop 6, presents several really nicely done tutorials. Topics include basic color correction, creating transparency for the web, symmetrical shapes, and the extract tool. He is moving more tutorials to his site, as well.

Raytracing in Photoshop  Learn how to make some very realistic 3D effects using this technique. This is NOT a beginners' tutorial! Just a few tutorials, but they are good ones for fun effects. I like the color changing cars.

Shades' Space Tutorial  Follow Shades through the creation of a neat space cloud with stars. He has just the one tutorial right now, but you should find this worth your trip!

Shanzcan  Shan has it going on! Many excellent tutorials including some geometric topics, photo enhancement, and general study materials for PS.

Sitepoint  One tutorial which is an excellent starting point for making "grunge" collages.

Spoono  Some neat tuts for effects. Includes brushes, chrome, grunge backgrounds, lighting effects, neon, and adding color to part of an image.

Stewart Dean's Webspace  Some very nice tutorials including the best for chrome on the 'net.

Stickysauce  Among the PS tuts, there are some standard text effects, retouching, tv scanlines, and more. These are strictly recipe-type directions.

Striding Studios  Some nice special effects, text effects, cool grunge dust and wireframes.

Sue Chastain's Original Tutorials  Several fun how-tos including making a snow globe, a seamless pattern with cow spots, and see-thru text from the PS Guide for You will have to deal with a couple of About's annoying pop-ups.

Team Photoshop  Many really good tutorials for some neat effects. best gel text and they approach some beginner topics in a humourous way.

ThinkDan Tutorials  A fine set of tutorials for several graphics programs including a large group of Photoshop tutorials. His interface wasn't working when i visited last, but this listing will take you to topics from goop text and photo retouching to making a CD-like image.

Tioem It's T-O-M and his tutorials! Though there are only 6 so far, I like them. I particularly like the stencil-like images made from a photo and the tribal art.

Trevor Morris  Many really great tutorials from Trevor including the best one for rounded corners, a neat ray of light effect, and many more. Many cool effects including the best lightning tutorial that I've found!

Tutorial Tomb Site includes many tutorials for varied effects, signature artwork, and more. Site also includes an active forum.

Van Der Ree's Page  best tutorial on putting text into a circle or an oval using polar coordinates.

VDL - Tutorials - Graphics  Exact cropping for feathered-edge graphics, backlighting, and a cool "design sketch lines" tutorial. Different stuff, well-said.

Vecpix  Many effects-based tutorials for Photoshop. Most are pretty stock, but I like several including the Luminous Essence and LCD Screen. Water drops is the best of this effect!

Wacom Tip Archive  Making a photo into a painting, hand-drawn textures, and many more effects in these short tutorials with emphasis on use of the Wacom tablet.

WebClass.RU  Everything i could find is in English. And... what a nice collection of tutorials and other resources! Effects include pearls, gridwork, some neat backgrounds,

Web Developer: Site Design & Graphics  A few nice beginner's tutorials like making an interface and several text effects. Topics include Photoshop, general graphic design principles, and website design. Has several neat PS effects like burning text, chalk and dripping text.

WebGFX Center  A fine group of interesting beginner-level tutorials including chrome, color blending, cutout, graffiti, metallic textures, and textured text.

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