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Tutorial Sites

General How-to Tutorials

A+ Tutorials -- Tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on using the pen tool, wood and more.

Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing  This is some really technical information that is more like articles than tutorials. Includes much on photo editing techniques, color issues including calibration, and digital cameras. Great links section with lots of color, lighting, and vision sorts of links.

Action FX Several fine tips/tutorials about actions -- how to use them, and how to create your own! Click Content to get to them!

Adobe's Photoshop Tutorials Tutorials from the source. Many fun projects here. Be sure to check in from time to time to try out the new ones.

Artist Mike will show you how to manually put text on a curve, draw a logo or a cartoon, or my favorite.. the best general and intuitive tutorial on how to make a vignette.

Cambridge in Color Tutorials cover a range of topics including color, color management, digital sensors, noise, and histograms. Mike Russell is the man when it comes to the technical side of PS and color corrections. Great tutorials, forum, challenge, and more!

Dynamic Zone Workshops PS 6 for the Web -- If you are new to computing or just want a little push to get started in learning about Photoshop, this PS workshop will introduce you to the tools through some fun basic projects.

Espresso Graphics  Some very nice beginner-level tutorials for versions 4 and 5. Topics include masking, using the color picker, correcting skin tones, and fixing red-eye.

EPaper Press Fine tutorial explaining the hows and whys of color correction (levels & curves) in a way that we can all understand. Also some good info on exporting, gamma, unsharp mask, and sizing.

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials  A nice set of tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, use of the pen tool, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on use of the pen tool, wood and more.

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips   She calls 'em "tips" but what they are is actually short tutorials on topics such as how to make a bevel without filters or layer effects, layers, and custom brushes. LOTS of great stuff here for all of us.  Several fine tutorials done in Quicktime movie format. Effects, sepia, adjustment layers, and several more!

Mike's Sketchpad  Several useful tutorials, including a good section on how to deal with the pen tool.

Mike Rollins  has some nice technical stuff on color correction and monitor calibration.

PS Designs Some nice tutorials including basic shapes, patterns, tool uses, and making interfaces.   Need help with scanning? Look no further. Wayne Fulton offers the best in scanning advice.

Site Design and Graphics  Many great tutorials on many topics including Photoshop, general graphic design principles, and website design. Has several neat PS effects like burning text, chalk and dripping text.

Trevor Morris  Many really great tutorials from Trevor including the best one for rounded corners, a neat ray of light effect, and many more.

Vortex Design  Best HTML tutorials for people who want to do cool things like rollovers, but don't want to get their hands too dirty. 

Webmonkey Design Graphics Image Production   Some short courses on Photoshop and the best tutorials for Imageready. Tutorials on rollovers, optimizing images, and more.

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