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Tutorial Sites

Sites for Tutorials
in languages other than English

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Dam's Design  Tutorials-FR  Tutoriaux en Francais, feu effets, Electricite, metal, trucages photos, des textures, effects nature, et divers. 

Graph-i-Land  Beaucoup des cool tutorials en Francais. Ce sont Interface, Bois, Forme 3D, Feu, un Logo Brillant, et des autres.

Info Numerique  Tutoriaux en Francais. Beaucoup!

Marble Mad Valley  Des tutoriaux en Francais.. Ce sont beaucoup des cool effets ici.. le I-Mac bouton, des flammes,  plastic, et beaucoup des autres.  PS tutorials en Francais. Loads very very slowly. I couldn't wait around to see what was here.


I-Service  Some very good tutorials done in German and English. Effects include chrome, speed type, pipes, punched type and more.  Good-looking tutorials in German. Topics Bliz erstellen, Kabel, feuertext, and more. Site also has a community and a gallery.


Photoshop Designs This site has many tutorials in Spanish, a forum, gallery, blog, and more!


Art Tower has Photoshop resources in Russian. Here are direct links to 3 of my own tutorials, translated into Russian:

Janee's Folded Paper

Janee's Stitch in Time

Janee's Love Your Pen


Janee's Sepia Toning   Let ME show you how to use Photoshop to create an old-style sepia tone.. in Swedish!

Photoshop Skolan   Recommended to me by one of my Swedish visitors, this site offers several tutorials including a run-down of each of the filters' effects, some nice picture frame ideas, more.

Tips och Tricks  Website building tips including some on color calibration and scanning. Also a few PS tuts on removing red eye, color corrections, and printing tips.

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