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Tutorial Sites

Photo Art and Improving Photos

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A+ Tutorials -- Tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on using the pen tool, wood and more.

Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing  This is some really technical information that is more like articles than tutorials. Includes much on photo editing techniques, color issues including calibration, and digital cameras. Great links section with lots of color, lighting, and vision sorts of links.

Adobe's Photoshop Tutorials Tutorials from the source. Many fun projects here. Be sure to check in from time to time to try out the new ones.

BMC PhotoArt Some nice photo art tutorials.

Carl Volk A site of really fantastic Photoshop tutorials on topics like adjustments on levels and curves, color balancing, and compositing images.

Chainstyle  A tidy collection of fine tutorials on topics of interest to photographers. Includes color -> b&w, simulating infrared, vignetting, diffusion, and more. The best tutorial i've seen on correcting an underexposed photo!

Chris Stocker  A fine tutorial for one method for cutting out hair.

Davro Digital Imaging  Some really unique and creative tutorials here. Many "teasers" for the CD that the author offers for sale.

Digital Creativity  Tutorials on topics such as compositing photos, creating a watercolor, fake photos, making reflections in water, and colouring. Also actions, gallery.

Feather River Canyon News -- Digital Imaging  Tutorials on effective use of the digital camera and on working with photographs. best tut on making old images look new again.

Fertile Press  Only one tutorial, but I really like it. It leads you through creation of a postage stamp in PS, showing some nice photo-montage techniques along the way. You can also take a tour of this artist's studio!

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials  A nice set of tutorials by Janee. Learn basic retouching, simple shapes, lettering effects, use of the pen tool, burned edges, linking letters, how to make a snowflake, the best tutorial on use of the pen tool, wood and more.

PC Resources for Photoshop Several very nice tutorials. Includes compositing pictures,  more. gradients, 3D text, panoramas, and more. Also has photography tutorials on topics like close-ups, software helpers, and digicam resources.

Photo Coloring Tutorial  best tutorial that i've seen on colorizing a black-n-white photo.

Photography Via the Digital Route best tutorials on enhancing photographs, fixing backgrounds, shading, etc.. Also two different tutorials showing 2 different ways to remove the background on a photo of a cat.

PhotoshopEtc. Many tutorials contributed by the site's members. Photo art tuts include some on color correction, cloning, and making a photo into a sketch.

Red Eye Removal  A common problem with no one-size-fits-all answers. Here are some sites with solutions.

Robert D Feinman Photographic Tips  are really tutorials including the best on how to make panoramic photos from normal ones and some on high-bit scanning as well.   Need help with scanning? Look no further. Wayne Fulton offers the best in scanning advice.

Shanzcan  Shan has it going on! Many excellent tutorials including some geometric topics, photo enhancement, and general study materials for PS.

Texture Techniques  Though basically a vehicle to sell his texture collection on CD's, Rick Wetzel offers some interesting though simple ways to use textures to make photos look like paintings.

VDL - Tutorials - Graphics  Exact cropping for feathered-edge graphics, backlighting, and a cool "design sketch lines" tutorial. Different stuff, well-said.

Viewlet Tutorials  for those who like to watch things happen.

Wacom Tip Archive  Making a photo into a painting, hand-drawn textures, and many more effects in these short tutorials with emphasis on use of the Wacom tablet.

The Williams Studio Tutorials  -- Only three tutorials so far (links are at bottom of page): resolution, custom brushes, and a cool broken monitor effect.

Red-Eye Removal Links

Espresso Graphics This tutorial works for when just the pupil is red. It uses the sponge tool to desaturate.

Write Clik   This is a downloadable action (and tut) for removing redeye. It works by exchanging info from the blue channel into the red one.

Shantel's DigiPhoto   Several neat ways to "remodel" people, including how to change eye color. This can help in fixing redeye too.

Digital Camera Course Very much an outline for a method that works by adjusting saturation of color channels.

Design & Publishing Center This is a way to paint eyes back in. Not sure how well it would work, as there are no pics to go along with it. This uses a microview window and then shows you how to paint over the iris.

Lars Ekdahl's tutorial includes a nice section on how to prevent it to start with. Then he tells a couple of ways to treat redeye when it affects just the pupil. This method uses paste into with the color channels.

Davro Digital Imaging This is good for when just the pupil is affected. It uses a black brush with a layer in Color blending mode.

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