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Text Effects

for Trisha & Jared for their wedding
zanpearlpink.jpg (19599 bytes)
Pearl Pink
enameled N, even prettier in the bigger version!
Enameled Gold
mirrored text
Mirrored text
speedy text
Speedy text
Gold and Copper
Gold & Copper 
Malachite T
mne ... with pink plastic netting over wood. Look at this up close. Perhaps my favorite!
PS stands for Photoshop :)

a vinyl look to try

YES! cherry wood Y  
Cherrywood text
i have a tutorial for this effect in this site. Find it on the main gallery page
Gold leaf text

Woven Jacquard Text
Swiss Cheese Gold N
flaming text
Flaming text

Oil slick W
Oil slick text

floating text 
Floating text
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