Our Route  

Click our RV for our EXACT location, calculated by our onboard GPS-APRSŪ system! This is really cool! It updates about every 30 minutes when our 2M ham radio can get contact with the satellite. If you find that the site is "down",  keep checking; they will have it back "up" soon! 

(Read more about GPS-APRS.)


Click our RV for our EXACT location!
Be sure to click on "Aerial Photo" and you can see a photo from satellite of exactly where we are!

Click on our route to read about our plans, adventures and to see our photos! Updated daily, or whenever we get a modem hookup!

USA and Canada (most of it)

Click this thumbnail map to see this USA & Canada map up close. (I made these maps.)
KEY to map
* Planned stops

* sightseeing
* shopping
* other special spots
* Reference Cities