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Click to go to Kent's full-sized version on his site. Also.. see the rest of his great shots of Maui!

Here is what Mr. Christiansen said about this work:

I thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for the pen and ink ("A Painting from a Photo") tutorial. I got a great shot (many actually) on my recent trip to Maui, of a gazebo and wanted to do a pen and ink on it. I did a google search for 'pen and ink photoshop' and found your site (I knew of it before, but hadn't run into the tut). Oddly there sat another gazebo! Anyway if you are interested in a 'student's rendition' see:

I followed your tutorial to the letter, did both 'a' and 'b' combined on the 'bringing in the watercolor' and then did a slight curves adjustment for pop. Also painted in some of the 'white' areas that didn't fill due to Maui brightness and probably the dry brush effect.

The other pics in the Maui gallery are some of my favorites as well (still adding pics<g>). You are welcome to check them out. Again, thanks for sharing your expertise.

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