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Tutorial Sites

Photoshop Tip Sites

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Accurate Image Manipulation  A great site for people needing to calibrate their monitor color to get exact color matching. Until i hear otherwise, this site is the BIBLE for calibration.

Alicorna  There is a lot of good information on this site, and there is a good section with links to other resources, too. Topics include design, graphics and graphics software, but also web design, legal info, scripting, and more.

Berman Graphics  Lots of useful stuff here including tips on how to keep people from ripping off your images, your rights under © law, camera reviews and some nice photos.

C-Net Help  Photoshop tip listing

Laurie McCanna's 911 Graphics  Fun, insightful, required reading for anyone thinking about making graphics a career.

Pandora Graphics  -- Many good tips for Photoshop 4 (Many which still apply) for keyboard shortcuts, making a border, marble, a magic marker effect, and much more.

PC Review Online  Reviews of hardware, software, Photoshop versions and Photoshop plugins. Neat site!

Photoshop Techniques  Click on the Techniques link to the at the top for a nice collection of neat tips and shortcuts.

Photoshop Tips from the Newsgroups  Covers many Photoshop questions from transparent gifs to what sort of computer setup one should buy.

Red Eye Removal  A common problem with no one-size-fits-all answers. Here are some sites with solutions.

Short Courses    MANY great resources for the digital photographer.

Trevor Morris  Outstanding tips list and an amazing list of keyboard shortcuts. Download the pdf file and print this up. Really great resource.

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