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Janee's Online Photoshop Classes

About the Classes

What class should you take?

If you've been through an introductory course already, or if you have had several months of time to work with and experiment with the program, you will probably be ready for Photos into Artwork or Starting with a Blank Canvas.

Photoshop 7-CS2: Photos into Artwork

In this exciting class, you will learn to take a photo and convert it into a work of art! We will explore several different ways of accomplishing artistic effects with photos. Some of these are wonderfully suited for framing and hanging, while others will be beautiful for greeting cards, scrapbooks, or website use. Here are some of the avenues we'll explore:

  • Making a Digital Frame
  • Making different photo edges
  • Vignetting
  • Converting a photo from colour to black & white
  • Hand-tinting a Grayscale photo
  • Creating Collages
  • Building a Photo Mandala
  • Montage techniques
  • Creating a real digital painting from a photo
  • Going beyond filters to create different painted effects
  • Making Line Art from a Photo


  • A registered copy of Photoshop in version 7, CS or CS2.
  • Familiarity with your computer's operating system
  • Photoshop Launchpad A - C, a 12-week introduction to PS class, or equivalent experience with Photoshop
  • Willingness and ability to work online with other students



I took Photos into Artwork last term and it was really terrific. I was just beginning to learn PS at that time and was amazed at the results I got. The class was a lot of fun.


I took the Photos to Artwork class last session and it was just great. Learned a ton about manipulating photos and have printed and framed quite a few 'Art' photos since. (Make great gifts..!) And of course, the upbeat teaching stylings of Janee are ever present..!

Highly recommend this one.

Mona R.:

What I liked best about the class was the quantity and quality of what was taught in this course! I received a lot of knowledge for my money!


What I liked best is your technique tidbits and tips within each lesson. The light bulb was running steadily most of the time. You can read these things, (which I have) ‘til you’re blue in the face, but they don’t mean anything until you do them. Being in a “formalized” class is invaluable.


Janee gives instant feedback to questions and her answers are detailed and thorough.

I don't think this course could be improved!

The little quizzes were great for reviewing what we had learned in each lesson. You are very well prepared and the lesson material would make a better book on Photoshop than many I have seen for sale!

Sue A.:

The lessons were presented in a very interesting way. Janee took the time to comment promptly to any questions, and gave lots of praise and encouragement. I loved the class!


Janee, this is certainly one class I hate to see end. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and the wonderful lessons. It has been fun and stimulating and a BIG learning experience. I look forward to seeing you next session and on the boards at

I learned so much and I really had to use my brain and I loved it. I found myself learning more about Photoshop in the last six weeks than what I’d taught myself over the course of a year. I found myself exploring and using what I learned to create. I also found myself thinking “outside the box”. I loved that.

I think the very detailed and step by step instructions were great. I also enjoyed learning the “shortcuts”. The labeling of the layers with what we had done was an eye opener for me. So many times I do something and fail to remember next time. The lessons were laid out beautifully.


Course was FAN-tastic I have printed out the lessons & put them in a folder & I am constantly referring to them. This course's notes have the value of a $100 Photoshop book.


A note of thanks to you for being such a good instructor. You are patient, informative, and a very knowledgeable teacher. I certainly would have progressed much faster in learning Photoshop had I been a student of yours in earlier classes. Glad I discovered you. I'll certainly be working in the background again for your next course.

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